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Police Report

The following represent a portion of the calls responded to by officers from the Laurel Police Department. Unless otherwise indicated, all cases are considered under investigation. Anyone with information about these or other crimes is encouraged to call the LPD at 628-8737.

Jan. 29

• At 11:39 a.m. a burglary was reported on the 400 block of E. Main St. Over the weekend, someone was discovered to have made entry into the building and left dog feces in a variety of locations. The back door was also left unlocked and open. The perpetrator probably got in with a key as there was no forced entry. Police have interviewed suspects and are reviewing video footage. The case is ongoing.

• A vicious dog was reported on the 1000 block of 11th Ave. The dog had gotten into a yard and was being aggressive towards the resident. Tyler Ostwalt, 29, of Laurel was cited for not having dog tags and given a warning about having a dog at large.

• A trespasser was reported on the 800 block of E. Fourth St. He was found by officers hiding in a window well and refused to get out. When he put his hand in his pocket and wouldn’t take it out he was subdued with pepper spray, handcuffed and arrested on charges of criminal trespass, obstructing a peace officer and on a Montana Highway Patrol warrant. Steven Bradley, 39, of Laurel was then transported to the Yellowstone County Detention Facility.

Jan. 30

• At 12:45 p.m., Walmart reported a suspected $100 counterfeit bill was accepted. Police responded and have a suspect from video. They turned all information over to the Secret Service, as per protocol.

Feb. 2

• A family disturbance was reported on the 800 block of Date Ave. at 11:15 a.m. A 17-year-old male was cited for partner family member assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. He was taken to the Youth Detention Center.

• A family disturbance was reported at 6:17 p.m. A female came to the door but would not open the door and kept slamming the interior door until she broke a glass coffee table. Officers entered and couldn’t find an occupant until they heard the suspect utter a profanity. The woman resisted arrest and a taser was deployed. Charges are pending review by the city attorney.

Stillwater County

Sheriff’s Office

Jan. 29

• At 10:08 a.m. the Stillwater County road department reported several vehicles parked in an alley in Park City blocking the right of way. The complainant requested a deputy respond and assist. At 12:39 p.m. a deputy spoke with the cars’ registered owners and advised them that emergency vehicles couldn’t get through and they had two weeks to remove the vehicles or they would be towed. At 4:46 p.m. on Jan 30 one of the owners called a deputy and said he had been parking his truck there for 10 years and stated he would make a request to speak with the county commissioners about the matter. At 10:25 a.m. on Jan. 31, the man called back and stated he had spoken to a Park City firefighter and decided to move his truck. He stated he needed 10 days to do it and the deputy said that would be fine.

• At 1:08 p.m. a caller reported his truck was side-swiped at the post office in Park City.

• At 5:48 p.m. a 911 caller near mile marker 429 advised he witnessed a vehicle hit a moose. At 5:56 p.m. three 911 callers reported the incident. At 6:14 p.m. Park City Fire and EMS were advised. The involved party reported no injuries but there was debris all over the westbound lanes. At 6:23 p.m. a game warden was en route.

• At 6:29 p.m. a caller from the ZipTrip in Park City said he found two male juveniles going through his vehicle. At 6:36 p.m. deputies had one male in custody behind the library and advised he had been detained by a citizen. At 6:39 p.m. a deputy was heading back to the ZipTrip for identification by the victim. At 7:17 p.m. the owner of the vehicle did not want to press charges, he just wanted the juvenile spoken to. At 7:18 p.m. one male was released to his grandmother. At 8:11 p.m. two deputies were at the second juveniles residence and had spoken with the parents.

Jan. 30

• At 4:47 p.m. a caller on I-90 stated there was an issue with a red semi. The reporting party told the semi driver to pull over at the rest area so they could discuss the problem. When they pulled over the semi driver assaulted the RP. Then both drivers got back into their vehicles and drove away. At 4:59 p.m. MHP was advised and reported no units in position. At 5:30 p.m. a trooper spoke with the RP and they did not want to press charges.

• At 6:15 p.m. a caller on Wild Turkey Ridge Rd. reported that a stump with a no trespassing sign on it was removed from the road and the SD card from her game camera was missing. She suspected it was her neighbor who she had been having issues with. At 6:19 p.m. units were advised.

• At 11:21 p.m. MHP advised a caller had reported a white van driving erratically at varying speeds straddling the center line and making erratic movements. The RP was still following the vehicle and was willing to sign. A deputy reported they were out of position but were heading towards the area. Dispatch determined the driver was at mile marker 397 so Sweetgrass County Sheriff’s Office was notified.

Jan. 31

• At 2:13 a.m. a 911 caller from Park City reported an 83-year-old male was having difficulty breathing. At 2:24 a.m. a second page was sent to Park City fire per Park City ambulance request. At 2:37 a.m. Park City ambulance requested a rendezvous with AMR, but they didn’t have anyone available to assist.

Feb. 1

• At 3:42 p.m. a caller on Schreiner Road advised that at 2:30 a.m. that morning they let their female German short hair out to potty and had not seen her since. She had no collar.

Feb. 2

• At 3:18 p.m. a caller near mm 417 on I-90 reported two cars were racing each other. MHP and Billings Communication Center were advised.

Feb. 3

• At 4:54 a.m. a caller from Park City reported loud music coming from Clark Street.

• At 5:40 p.m. Laurel dispatch requested ambulance assistance for a male who fell backwards off a ladder. While on the phone, a Laurel ambulance responded and advised Park City ambulance could stand down.

Feb. 4

• At 3:19 p.m. a citizen flagged down a deputy and reported a slide-off at the I-90 onramp in Park City.

• At 4:03 p.m. a Montana Department of Transportation employee reported a disabled vehicle sticking out in the driving lane near mm 418 on I-90.

Feb. 5

• At 8:21 a.m. a Park City caller advised there was a student who was refusing to go to school. At 8:23 a.m. the caller spoke with a deputy who was going to talk to the child.


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