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Park City Rod and Gun Club host pheasant banquet
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25 years ago

Nov. 18, 1992

Matt Mogan, the 14-year-old Laurel boy who accidentally shot himself Sunday afternoon, Nov. 15, is in critical condition following surgery Sunday. The boy’s grandfather, Jack Williams said doctors who cleaned the entrance wound during surgery decided to leave the bullet alone until Mogan stabilizes further. the bullet entered the right side of the boy’s head and lodged near the middle of his forehead. Mogan, his older brother and a friend were near the Chief Joseph Monument north of Laurel target shooting when the boy went back to the truck to get a pen when his gun discharged. His companions saw him standing slumped into the truck. When they reached the injured youth they saw he was wounded in the head. He was conscious and could talk. Advanced Life Support from Billings met the Laurel ambulance en route to Billings. The HELP helicopter transported the boy for treatment.

The Laurel American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary honored the veterans with a potluck dinner for Veterans Day at the American Legion Hall in Riverside Park.

Tom Hart of Laurel won the state drag racing championship this past summer in his 1988 Corvette.


50 years ago

Nov. 29, 1967

A vote of appreciation was registered this week by city engineer John Daley for the staff at city hall. “People don’t realize how much extra work is piled on this crew,” Daley said, “with the various special projects that are being carried on within the city.” Special improvement districts, the new water reservoir, and the airport expansion program are just a few of the items that mean more bookkeeping and added duties. Since three years ago with the city treasurer went on a part-time basis, extra work was assumed by the office staff. No extra help was hired to replace the full time treasurer, the work load just shifted, Daley said. “I think it’s about time we show some appreciated for the job they’re doing,” he continued.

Mrs. Emilie Hergett of Laurel was guest of honor when her Birthday club was entertained Friday with Mrs. John Fry as hostess. Winning scores in cards were held by Mrs. Roy McKenzie, Mrs. Alex Fox and Mrs. Hergett. Mrs. Ethel Thomkins was a guest.

Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Kemerzel and family of Park City were Thanksgiving day guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Kaiserman of Laurel.

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Eastlick were hosts Thanksgiving to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eastlick and family of Columbus and Mr. and Mrs. James Eastlick and son.

Faculty members of the South School enjoyed the seventh annual Thanksgiving breakfast Wednesday morning. Guests included Mr. and Mrs. L.A. Wollan and Mr. and Mrs. John Lackman and daughter Peggy.

Dr. Lee Richardson spoke on “Hypertension and Heart Disease” as the Laurel Womans Club guest Monday in the home of Mrs. Marion Crawford. Mrs. James Zink was cohostess. Seventeen members attended. A program on music was presented by Mrs. P.A. Johnston who shared tape recordings that had been prepared by her daughter, Mrs. Linda Edington, of ruse in the Costa Mesa, Calif. school system.


75 years ago

Nov. 25, 1942

Laurel school children who are members of the Junior Red Cross got off to a better-than-usual start this year in collection of money for purchase of materials. Four schools turned in $75.50, with the north grade school slightly leading the high school for first place, says Mrs. Gerald Gass, junior chairman. The junior workers have now gone into a campaign for collection of wire clothes hangers. Resale of the hangers to cleaners and dyers will further enrich the junior’s fund. All the money will go into the production program buying materials for the armed forces.

Campbell C. Calvert, 18, enlisted Saturday in the U.S. army air corps and left Sunday for Butte, where he was sworn in after examination.

Mrs. Charles Fahy, who recently purchased the T.S. Buford property at 12 Fifth avenue has moved to the upstairs apartment. Mr. and Mrs. Perry Moler and family occupy the lower apartment.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Van Nice and son Lee plan to spend Thanksgiving in Harlowton, guests of Mr. Van Nice’s brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Ravenaugh.

Mrs. Dwight Rowlison and son Dickie are spending the week in Bearcreek, the guests of relatives.

I have been receiving the Outlook and enjoy it. I enjoy reading about the other fellows, where they are located and what they are doing, as well as the activities of the folks at home. We have been out on maneuvers since I got back. they are plenty tough and we were all tired when we got back last night. We will be going into combat one of these days. The approximate time has been set. I expect to see action soon. So long for now. Give my regards to all the folks in and around Laurel. Sincerely, Gerhard (Gay) Baus.

The Park City Rod and Gun club entertained the wives of members at its fourth annual pheasant dinner at the hall. The principal speaker was W.W. Gail of Billings. J.W. Corwin was toastmaster. Stanley Pearsoll, president, introduced out of town guests. Singing was led by Miss Elda Neumann; remarks were offered by Superintendent Bolin, and Luthena Carpenter, Jean and Betty Sitzman, Marjorie Fox, Phyllis Eastlick and Sylvia Krieger, sang. There were 120 present.


100 years ago

Nov. 21, 1917

Several auto loads of Park City people attended the basketball game in Laurel Friday.

Last Tuesday 5-year-old Carl Wagner attempted to climb into his father’s wagon, when the horses started, catching the child’s foot in the wheel. Before the team could be stopped the boys leg was broken and mangled. He was taken in Mr. Stoltz’s car to St. Vincent’s hospital, where he is being treated. He is expected home in about two weeks. His father, John Wagner, is staying in Billings to be near the boy.

The people of Molt are a live bunch and loyal to the core. In the recent campaign for the Y.M.C.A. they raised the sum of $429.15. Molt is a new town in the Lake Basin surrounded by prosperous farmers, as is evidenced by the large number of newspaper subscriptions.

Word has been received from Haven C. Nutting, a Laurel boy who enlisted with company K of Billings, that he has been sent with a unit of the regular army to Camp Mills, N.Y., in apparent anticipation of early departure for France. Haven was the first Montana boy to shed blood because of the present war. It was he who received a severe wound in the army while doing guard duty last spring at the Bozeman tunnel.

A Victrola concert will be given on Monday evening at the Congregational church by the Laurel Women’s Club. It will consist of the finest numbers loaned from the collections of records owned in the city—an all-star program.

G.E. Settergren of Settergren’s Furniture store, was a business visitor to Columbus Monday. Mr. Settergren says there is more oil talk about the Laurel fields in Columbus than there is at home. He also stated that several of the Columbus capitalists had secured some of the Hoyt leases.



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