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Brainwashed progressives dangerous
Krayton Kerns

The pit bull has knocked Siberian huskies from the number one slot as the breed inflicting most fatal human attacks. Google it. I know your pit bull is a sweetheart and it must be how they are raised, but your neighbor’s is an alligator with a dog collar.
Mini-aussies are trendy and breeders are struggling to meet the market’s demand. A similar exploding popularity occurred with shar peis in the late 1980s and breeding with no regard to temperament, soon produced shelters stuffed with wrinkled fear-biters. Due to the small size of the dog in the fight, I doubt mini-aussies will ever equal the pit bull’s kill rate, but they would like to. I know your mini-aussie is a sweetheart and it must be how they are raised, but your neighbor’s is an alligator with a dog collar. Here is why I mention this.
A month back, a young mini-aussie, Etta, presented at my clinic and she could barely raise her head from the exam table. Etta had free run of her homestead over the weekend and the owner found her flat out Monday morning. Her membranes were white and a quick blood test showed her to be dangerously anemic. D-Con toxicity was possible, so I administered vitamin K-1 and scheduled a transfusion. Our groomer’s pit bull, Phantom, served as Etta’s donor. As I began dripping Phantom’s blood into Etta, I chuckled thinking how administering pit bull blood to a mini-aussie could end badly. Fortunately, temperament is not transferred in the blood stream and Etta made a full and happy recovery. She and Phantom are both the rare, friendly outliers of their breed and this brings me to my point.
If temperament depends predominantly on how an animal is raised, logic dictates amiability in the animal called human also depends on how they are raised. People not natural-born jerks become ill-mannered, irrational and violent creatures only after being taught to be so. Many are. Under the banner of “Resist,” ruling class progressives have been training their unwashed minions to attack patriots attempting to restore our constitutional republic. For example, as if he was Pavlov’s pit bull, James Hodgkinson attempted to assassinate Representative Scalise and other Republicans on a baseball field in Alexandria. Mr. Hodgkinson reacted exactly as he had been trained and ruling class pundits are dropping hints Scalise deserved the attack by the nature of his voting record. Do not think this was a lone wolf attack because there are hundreds of similarly brainwashed progressives wandering the streets. Maiming or killing conservatives with whom they disagree is the left’s desperate, final solution to establish their American Marxist state. Ironically, all while claiming they are the party of tolerance.

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