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Support school board

I have been extremely disappointed in our community members and students with their shouting down to “oust the board and our superintendent” after the past board meeting.  If you regularly attend the board meetings, or read the meeting minutes, it is clear that these people are serving to better our districts educational foundation. It is the basis for how they have voted in the past.  I encourage you to go back and read past board minutes.  Get to know where they stand, and how they voted on previous educational issues before solidifying how you feel about the vote in question. For those of you who state, “This board and leadership aren’t for kids,” I wonder if you agreed with the new curriculum they adopted during the board meeting last week. The simple fact is that there is more to serving on a school board than what meets the eye. Policies and decisions should not be made based on emotion. And before demanding change, I encourage you to become informed. Do you know what trustees have the authority to do?  Do you know the laws at which they adhere to when taking an official oath of office? Do you know the amount of time that it takes to be an effective board member?  This job is much more than a perceived agenda.  It is the time and dedication that is put forth to better the “learning” and “educational” opportunities in our district.  I support and thank the Laurel School Board Trustees and Linda Filpula for your commitment to our community, and the advancement of Laurel Public Education.  

Lori Kraft    



School Board makes mistake

It is my opinion that the Laurel School Board made a very big mistake this week by voting not to renew Ed Norman’s contract. But whether it was what I wanted or not I must accept the decision and move on.

However, I don’t think that the board thought ahead at all. They just took instructions from one person and totally ignored hundreds of citizens and students. We have all received notices from the school system at different times asking for our input, but in this case I guess our input was not asked for because it was completely ignored by the board.

I think this was a decision that is going to haunt them for a long time. They are going to have to ask us to vote for monies for many things in the in the school and I am afraid they are going to be ignored just as they ignored us. It is really awful that the only way we have of being heard is to vote no when they ask for more money. It will hurt the students now and in the future but they have done it to themselves.

Georgia L. Helterbran


Former student supports principal

So I went to my former high school to speak with the soon-to-be former principal, and gave him my full gratitude. My class went through two principals before he came along, and both were not worthy of admiration. I can’t even remember the name of one because of lack of involvement, and the other, involved herself by wasting $8,000 on trash cans that never entered existence. Norman had presence, discipline and respect for the education of every student. This is only easy for me to say, because until he came along, I was able to skip over half of the school year. One of my attendance records says I’ve missed over 100 school days. Only after he came along, did any real action be taken towards shifting my attention towards my education. During my last two semesters in LHS, I was not allowed to leave campus for lunch; I was not able to roam the halls with my classmates; I was not to be doing anything but pursue my high school diploma. Of course I resented the discipline at first; I hated school as much as the next juvenile, but in hindsight, it was the best reevaluation in my life and deterred me from failure. 

Because of Mr. Norman, I was able to raise my grades; I was able to take accountability for my ignorance; and I did get out of that school with the ticket that may take me to any career I wish to pursue. Those who may say he’s “mean” or a “douche bag” must not understand that his best interest is not making friends, it’s making graduates, which by default makes him the best friend any student has the privilege of knowing during their ninth through twelfth years of school. Hate him now, thank him later sums up my days with Norman, but apparently the board won’t even allow the water to settle long enough to see the improvement it’s about to ditch. Much like Laurel’s potholes, repair is temporary and improvement is brushed aside.

Forrest Michael Guptill



Publisher insulted Gianforte

David Keyes, maybe you should have consulted some of your older and wiser friends before you insulted Greg Gianforte.

You called him a “religious nut.” This is typical liberal procedure. Name calling rather than statement of facts. In your mind, what is a religious nut?

Later in your short paragraph you stated a “tech guy with strange religious beliefs.” Are you sure you know his religious beliefs? I don’t.

Your method is typically liberal in the use of scare tactics. The use of the terms “religious nut,” and “strange religious beliefs” is supposed to alarm people and scare them away from voting for him. Your colors are shining through.

Weldon Amundsen



Against SB 354 Tobacco Tax

It amazes me that tobacco users are again the scapegoat for a tax increase. The past few years, the smoker and tobacco users are looked down upon, and almost classified as low-life citizens.

It irks me that alcohol, which is also a health and family wrecker is not frowned upon, because its sale and use are part of the profit for vendors. Its advertising and use are accepted by society. We have all seen homes destroyed by domestic violence, child abuse, DUIs, failed marriages and violent crime, a lot of which are caused by alcohol. Gambling in excess falls under the same category, and has caused similar problems. Shame on those who tolerate such behavior, but don’t offer a tax solution to curb the problem.

The very people we elect to represent us in Helena, knowingly attempt to sway the voters and other legislators to pass this bill, saying the tax money on tobacco will pay for direct care workers, maintaining state owned buildings and the states general fund.

Several years ago we had another tobacco tax on our ballots. It passed under the premise that they money would be used for our education system for our children. Now that that tax was approved, the majority of the money has not been for education, but to increase the state general fund.

There has to be other ways to generate state revenue, other than to pass the burden onto the tobacco users. I am tired of smokers being labeled the culprits for not maintaining the tax base. I urge others to contact your state reps and voice your concerns. I HAVE. Vote NO on Senate Bill 354.

Ron Ludwig


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