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Can’t believe everything you read – consider the source

The year 2016 might be the year that psychics became extinct.
As I look at my handy Laurel Rotary 2017 calendar and prepare to pitch an old, boring 2016 non-Rotary one, I took a moment to think about what an interesting year this has been.
At this time last year, there were 18 people running for the Republican nomination for president. There was a governor or two, a senator or two, a Bush and whole bunch of others who looked or felt presidential.

Then there was Donald Trump.
As near as I can tell, there wasn’t one psychic that predicted Trump would win the GOP nomination or the presidency.
Wasn’t so many years ago, the Star, or National Enquirer would have run a Page One story featuring someone with an exotic name who would see a vision from an apricot pit that Donald Trump – or a space alien for that matter – would become the 45th president.
A medium or psychic, by definition, uses her psychic or intuitive abilities to see the past, present and future events of a person by tuning into the spirit energy surrounding that person.
I began to suspect that mediums might not be all that dialed in when hundreds of Powerball jackpots have gone to many non-mediums.
When the Montana Lottery has a story that a psychic has won a record 10 jackpots in a row, then my faith will be restored.
In the meantime, I think the internet and the surge of fake news and fake news websites and Facebook posts has taken the void left by mediums.
Never before in the entire history of humanity have people had access to more information than what we have now. Grab your smartphone – are there still dumb phones? – and instantly you know the forecast, stock market report, your blood pressure, where you are and of course news, news and news.
Therein lies the problem. With so much information out there, how does anyone know which media outlets to trust?
When president-elect Trump calls out all media representatives covering his rallies as the “worst of the worst” and some of the worst people on earth and then sends out messages on Twitter that are sometimes false, where does a person go to find the truth?

This is why psychics are history.
The internet is full of so many stories that are false almost anything a psychic might predict is a full lap behind of what the internet has.
This is where small-town news sources like the Laurel Outlook have an important function.
While we might make a mistake in a cutline below a photo like we did last week, a person would be hard pressed to find liberal or conservative bias in our news pages and I know for a fact that we haven’t run a false story about the Locomotives, the city council or the Christmas to Remember celebration.
It has always been my belief that the more local the news gatherers are, the more accountable they are as well. For example, I know that my office door is always open and if I make a serious enough mistake I will come nose to nose with the aggrieved.
Not so with most internet news.
As 2017 begins, we are going to renew our promise to give you the local news you can’t find anywhere else.
I am also going to remind myself to consider the source on anything I might find on Facebook, the internet and politicians and to use the immense resources of the worldwide web to consider the source and fact check.
Who is with me?

David Keyes is publisher of the Laurel Outlook.

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