You say methane, I say natural gas

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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

I saw in last week’s paper several letters to the editor in opposition to NWE’s proposed gas fired power plant. I think everyone should consider supporting those views unless:

• You want to support clean, continuous power that will work even if the wind quits blowing or the sun is not shining.

• You want to allow the county and City to benefit from the millions of dollars in tax revenue that will be collected during the life of the plant

• You want high paying jobs attracted to the area

• You want to support the oil and gas industry in general, from exploration, to drilling, to completion to transportation.

I believe if the naysayers were serious about not wanting natural gas supplying a new power plant, they should disconnect the natural gas and propane pipeline supplies to their homes. They could go back to coal, or fuel oil or wood to heat their homes. Or they could go all electric to heat those homes, but where would that power come from? A coal fired power plant?

Someone needs to do a little research and see how many acres of land it would take to generate the same amount of power this natural gas plant proposes, with wind farms or solar panels.

And one more thing…who renamed natural gas to methane? This is a natural gas powered plant we’re talking about, why call it a methane plant. Just a little disingenuousness, I guess.

Les Fuglevand



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