Yellowstone County Patriots to host Freedom Drive Sunday

Thursday, July 30, 2020

On Sunday, August 2 at 5:30 p.m. the Yellowstone County Patriots will host a Freedom Drive in Laurel. The line–up will start at 5 p.m. near 1500 First Ave. in Laurel.

The route is as follows:

–The Freedom Drive will go south on First Ave. to 1st St. to W. Maryland Ln.

–Take a right on W. Maryland Ln to 3rd Avenue.

–Take a left on 3rd Ave and go past the Laurel Care Center and St. Anthony Catholic Church to 6th St. Take a left on 6th Street to 1st Avenue (The Laurel Post Office will be on the south side of you).

–Continue on 1st Avenue to 1st street west (The View and Brew movie theater is on the corner).

–Take a right on 1st street west and proceed past the Laurel City Hall, the Montana State Firefighters Memorial Park, the Laurel Fire Department and Ambulance Hall and the Police Department.

–Continue west on 1st street to 5th Avenue.

–Go left on 5th Ave to W. Main street.

–Take a left and proceed through downtown Laurel past the Pelican Café/Railside Diner to Birch Ave.

–Take a left on Birch Ave and go to 6th Street.

–Take a left on 6th street and go back to 1st Avenue.

–Take a right on 1st Avenue by the park and go back to 1500 1st Avenue.

Participants are asked to:

• Have at least one American Flag.

• Decorate your vehicles more if you want to.

• All vehicles must line up on the west side of the road going south

• All Participants must remain in their cars and abide by the law. Please be courteous to other drivers and individuals not traveling in the August 2nd, Freedom Drive.?• There is no law enforcement to direct traffic, drive safely.

• All participants must remain in their cars and abide by the traffic law. Invite your family and friends.


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