Writer wrong to bash Kerns, President

Thursday, September 12, 2019

I read a letter last week bashing our Vet[erinarian] Krayton and our President. it was apparent to me that this writer watches too much CNN and MSNBC. She needs to do some fact checking about what she said. This President is not a politician and so is not politically correct. While the politicians are politically correct, they fill us with what they think we want to hear and do nothing about what we want. I strongly urge this writer to re-evaluate what she wants from this nation. Those of us who used to vote Democratic need to face the fact that Democratic Party we once knew is no more. It has been replaced with those who want Socialism and a banning of guns in this country and a way to get rich and those who have been in for more than two terms have done that. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I do not want the government running my life. I have seen what socialism did to Russia, China, Venezuela and others. Nor do I want our guns confiscated. If that happens, the criminals will still have their guns and we will have no way to defend ourselves or our family. That isn’t rocket science and it makes no sense to want that. While you may not like our President’s style, he has done more for this country during his time in office than any other has done for over 20 years. These foolish ones who think we can get everything free, from where do you think that money will come? A raising of taxes by hundreds of a percentage. Wake up people, socialism will kill this nation as we know it.


Gail Krause, of Laurel

The Laurel Outlook


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