Women in office bring diversity

Thursday, November 15, 2018

I believe the moral universe is guided by the ideals of equality, diversity, respect, generosity, compassion, tolerance, peace and justice.

There were a lot of women who got elected in the midterm across the country. Some people have been upset because others have celebrated this fact so much. I think these people are assuming these women were elected solely because of their gender. I would suggest that most people voted for them because they thought they would do a good job and get something done. The fact that these newlyelected people are female actually is a bonus, however. They bring diversity into our political system, same as people of different races do, same as people of different religions do, and the same as people from the LGBTQ community do.

Unless and until our society recognizes and acknowledges that diversity is a strength and not a weakness, and that we must work for the good of everyone, not just ourselves, will we make any meaningful progress and have any hope of a lasting peace in this world!

Barbara A.S. Emineth of Laurel

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