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Thursday, January 23, 2020

I want to thank the Laurel Outlook for reporting actions at the School Board meeting. It would appear Rene Roth, the Board Chair Karen Teeters’ daughter, was not appointed to the Board. The Outlook reported, “Roth was approved as a new trustee by a vote of 3–1, with Creeden voting against and Teeters abstaining.” From everything I know, Montana nepotism law requires approval of EVERY Trustee for approval. I voted no because of the lack of disclosure of nepotism. The Outlook reported extensively of the discontent on the Board caused by the false statements and deplorable actions of the Board Chair Karen Teeters. Mrs. Teeters read a five-minute prepared speech where I was not allowed to provide rebuttal. It was a oneway conversation. I can rebut each and every accusation Mrs. Teeters made and I can show the ignorance she has in her accusations. A democracy demands debate to fully show both sides to a story. Teeters’ completely dismissed valid and legitimate complaints for violations of board policy and state law. I would like the public to go to and read the complaint at https://tinyurl.com/rfcdpoq. The complaint is legitimate. If anyone in the public would like to speak with me about Mrs. Teeters’ accusations and violations of board policy and state law by the District, call me on my cell phone at 384-8371 or write to mcreeden78@gmail.com.

Mike Creeden, Laurel School Board Trustee


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