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Thursday, April 15, 2021

I remember ever since I started taking Latin in high school the question in Latin “quo Vadis?” has occurred to me. For some reason it has been occurring to me more often then it did in 1957. I suppose it has to do with what has been going on lately around the world.

While I was in Catholic boarding school it was explained to me that even non Catholics could go to heaven. However if we started not going to the Catholic Church we could go to hell because we knew that the Catholic Church was the right way for us to get there. Interestingly my wife went to Catholic school but was told by the nuns that only Catholics went to heaven. Before I met my wife I flew in combat in Vietnam and was at Cam Ranh Bay flying the F4 Phantom jet. Occasionally some of us crew members would visit an orphanage run by Catholic nuns.We would take them food and actually obtained a piano for them once. I remember the nun who was in charge of the orphanage telling one of us that he was going to heaven. His name was Ben and he was killed a few days later. He was not even a Catholic! I mention that in my book “Phantom Driver” written under my full name Walter David Herbert. Amazon has not canceled it so far. The handsome USAF captain on the cover is me circa 1970.

Actually the military was good to me as it paid for my medical degree and still pays me as a retiree. We all have been fortunate to have lived in a relatively free country in a state that is pretty much in tune with capitalism. Although my wife and I still have most of our real property in Wyoming. I do worry about “Sleepy Joe” our fake Catholic president a lot lately. I suggest that all of us try to individually answer the question; Quo Vadis?

Dr. W. David Herbert, Senior Attorney the State Bar of Montana

Billings, Mont.

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