We have a Republic to protect

Thursday, November 14, 2019

 The “mob rule” Democracy that Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were so afraid of is currently clawing at the doors of our Republic.  Powerful federal bureaucrats now coordinate with media to fuel neurosis in an obvious attempt to overthrow the elected President of the United States.  A score of Montana Representatives worked tirelessly last session to undermine their own party and their own voters by playing the pivotal role in passing the key socialist policy of the opposition party. Behind such guises as progressivism, socialism, environmentalism, and bipartisanship,  Marxism has taken root in a field of undiscerning soil.  Americans now fall victim to a non-stop crisis narrative and are often willing participants in an echo chamber of collective hysteria. “Listen, talk, think and decide,” has been replaced by “shout, silence, feel and react.”

 American principles such as individual freedom and limited government are under assault like never before.  While women and men in other countries are currently marching in the streets against actual oppression and for the freedom just to participate in the political process, many complacent Americans think it immature or immaterial to participate in or even discuss politics.  The false idea that voting is enough has paved the path for active left-wing extremists to gain a loud, a dominant and an ever intolerant voice in our schools, in our government and even in many of our churches.   

I hope that Americans will step forward in record numbers to defend our Republic from these regressive extremists and their many allies and enablers.  Montanans also must work hard to rid our state and our counties of these all-too-common, deceitful, establishment Republicans who eagerly join hands with the uncompromising “resistance” party to erode individual freedoms one solution at a time  .

Dusty Weber of Laurel


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