We all share common Grandmother

Jim Tikalsky​​​​​​​ of Laurel
Thursday, August 15, 2019

For individuals of faith, let it be known that the story of Adam and Eve has been proven.

From the April 2018 issue of the National Geographic:

“Darwin put forth his theory of evolution and long before the discovery of DNA, scientists had no idea how traits were passed on. Researchers who have since looked at people at the genetic level now say that the whole category of race is misconceived … In June 2000, when the results were announced (the unraveling of the human genome) at a White House ceremony, Craig Venter, a pioneer of DNA sequencing, observed, ”The concept of race has no genetic or scientific basis” … Everyone has the same collection of genes, but with the exception of identical twins, everyone has slightly different versions of some of them.

Studies of this genetic diversity has allowed scientists to reconstruct a kind of family tree of human populations. That has revealed the second deep truth: In a very real sense, all people alive today are Africans.”

The Genographic Project launched by the National Geographic Society in 2005, has received DNA samples from over 130 countries. They have analyzed a collection of over 700,000 DNA markers from across the entire genome to reveal the regional affiliations of our ancestry.

They reveal that over the last 150,000 years our genius, through the analysis of two bits of DNA which is inherited directly through our maternal ancestors without mixing or denigration, has come to be known as the Mitochondrial Eve and exists in everyone alive today in all our currently defined so-called races. We all have one common Grandmother.

The history of mankind is filled with many conflagrations, both natural and manmade. Civilizations have appeared, flourished and then vanish into myth and legend. Parallel stories of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden can be traced to the Dilmun and the land of the immortals of southwestern Persia, to the Sumerian myth of Ninhursag and her husband Enki, to the Babylonian creation story in the Talmud written on scrolls carbon dated to circa 1200 BCE and the Hebrew Canon circa 600 BCE.

We will never know the true histories or the extent of knowledge from civilizations lost. But here today, the wisdom guarded by faith and knowledge garnered through our study of Creation agree. There is only one race, the Human Race.

Jim Tikalsky of Laurel

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