We all make mistakes

Thursday, August 1, 2019

From the editor’s desk

Like most newspapers the Laurel Outlook has had to tighten its belt. Costs have risen while profits aren’t as robust. Like most newspapers today, we don’t have proof readers or copy editors. Occasionally, we make errors that don’t get caught on Wednesday morning when we put the paper together for Thursday distribution. As much as we try, occasionally an acronym or a name gets referred to inaccurately. Those errors are simply mistakes and certainly don’t rise to the level of libel.

Last week, I wrote in an editorial that Council President Emelie Eaton wanted to dissolve the LURA board. That was inaccurate, as she wished to discuss taking away the board’s powers to disperse funds. I regret for the error. However, I did not quote her directly. What was attributed to her was not in quotation marks and there was certainly no malicious intent, the standard required by law for libel.

Eaton was also upset about an email I sent to the mayor regarding the east-side street project. I had to check into a rumor that two different, trustworthy adults (neither on the LURA board) brought to my attention. It’s my job.


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