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Thursday, October 15, 2020

When I graduated from college in 1965 I faced the possibility of being drafted. The draft lottery did not commence until 1969. Because I had a degree in science(chemistry) and scored high enough on the entrance tests I was selected for officer and flight training in the United States Air Force. After flying in combat in Vietnam , I was offered a military medical scholarship. I was required to pay for my scholarship by remaining on active duty for a number of years . I actually spent over 20 years in the military and was granted military retirement pay. The Christian bible that I read is full of covenants (I.e.contracts). For me , the military retirement I receive is contractural and therefore biblical. Greg Gianforte’s bible says that I am not entitled to this retirement pay.

While in my medical training I assisted at 27 live births. I know the number because I had to log each one in the fall of 1975. I have participated in pro life demonstrations numerous times. I have contributed to pro life organizations over the years. The last timeI ran for statewide office(Supreme Court) in 2014 I stated I was pro life . I never thought of paying a pro life organization for an endorsement. I understand Gianforte paid a quarter of a million dollars for a pro life endorsement. Even though Gianforte was apparently able to prevent the libertarian candidate from participating in the debate , I am voting for Lyman Bishop for governor. He is the libertarian choice on your ballot.

Dr. W. David Herbert of Billings, Mont.

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