Vice President Pence in Montana

Stumped for Trump and Daines
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Thursday, September 17, 2020
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Squinting and talking about the smoke from Oregon and California fires that blurred the mountains half a mile away several hundred partisans waited for Vice President Mike Pence to arrive in Belgrade. While they waited, Montana’s statewide office seekers Troy Downing, candidate for Auditor; Elsie Arntzen, seeking re-election as Superintendent of Public Instruction; Austin Knudsen, candidate for Attorney General; and Christi Jacobson, candidate for Secretary of State, addressed an audience virtually 100% guaranteed to vote for each of them. When they finished, as if on cue, a string of black SUV’s delivered Congressman Gianforte, State Auditor and congressional candidate Matt Rosendale, Senator Steve Daines and Vice President Mike Pence.

Sen. Daines drew the biggest laugh when he said he would buy a round trip ticket for Sen. Kamala Harris (VP candidate with Biden) to campaign in Montana for Steve Bullock. He said he would make it “round trip” to anyplace in Montana she would feel welcome. Trivia offered was that Vice President Pence, who is also the President of the Senate, had cast 13 tie breaking votes. This ties the 1873 record and was used to display how having Kamala Harris as Vice-President could create a different reality.

Pence came on stage and took the slats to Washington Democrats and highlighted the accomplishments of the Trump administration over the last three and a half years.

First back-pat was for the confirmation of over 200 conservative federal district judges and two conservative Supreme Court justices: Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. The 200 judges got applause, Gorsuch did not, as many conservatives feel he legislated from the bench when he added sexual orientation protection to the Civil Rights Act. Pence flowed to “I proudly stand with President Trump who, without apology, stands for the sanctity of life,” and “Biden supports using tax dollars to fund abortions. Trump has defunded Planned Parenthood.” That generated hearty applause.

Pence quoted Biden when he said he would shift funds away from law enforcement then added “President Trump and I will always stand with law enforcement.” Vice President Pence was visibly shaken while recounting the recent news of two sheriffs ambushed in Compton, Calif. He told of the agitators that blocked the access and exit to the hospital. When he announced the two officers, though shot repeatedly in their heads, were off the critical list the applause was deafening.

On Covid-19, Pence said the Trump administration produced the greatest mobilization of resources since WWII. He also predicted there will be a vaccine for Covid by the end of the year. “Biden said it couldn’t be done. We are in the miracle business.”

Vice President Pence ended with, “Go home and tell your neighbors you heard Mike Pence talk about the accomplishments of the Trump administration for 45 minutes and he just used summaries. Tell them what you heard here. Tell them to think about how much more we can accomplish in the next four years. Tell them to vote not only for President Trump but also for Steve Daines and Matt Rosendale so we can have the team we need.” The Vice President then autographed ‘Make America Great Again’ hats for attendees.

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