Understanding the numbers of corporate tax cut

Krayton Kerns
Thursday, August 23, 2018
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Ramblings of a Conservative Cow Doctor

A couple years back, the trophy wife joined me on a dump run if I promised to stop at Yellowstone Cellars on the trip home. Druann hopped in the pickup sporting a frilly sun-dress and white sandals, so she looked far spiffier than typical patrons visiting the county landfill. Unfortunately, our quick trip was shanghaied because an early August hail storm meant roofing contractors had packed the dump line with trailers filled with damaged shingles. We crept along in the August, triple-digit heat and I gazed at the trophy wife wondering whether she was still swallowing this date-night thing. An emergency call trashed our dump-datSnippet_3118D332De plans, so after tossing our junk we raced back to the clinic.

Fast-forward to last week. I was planning another weekend dump run coupled with a shopping outing for the trophy wife’s birthday. I googled the landfill’s hours and a FAQ link said the dump was open “seven days a week…” A click on the link further explained “seven days a week…” meant “Monday through Saturday.” It was Sunday, so I scrapped my plan.

Numbers are exact so the “seven days a week” thing had to be an unintentional oversight. Only ruling class elitists purposely mislead to promote socialism. Whether they euphemistically disguise their trap as progressivism, liberalism, or democraticsocialism matters not. Socialism is a miserable failure yet each campaign season advocates promise the math will add up different this time. It is a lie. This election, the Democratic-Socialists are promoting a 32 trillion-dollar, Medicare-For-All paid for by repealing President Trump’s corporate tax cuts. To understand the numbers, consider this analogy:

Imagine you are an evil, rich, Republican heading to the landfill when a hooded Antifa thug jumps from the greasewood, points a pistol at your red MAGA hat and demands your money. Not eager to ruin a perfectly good cap, you reluctantly open your wallet and expose five crisp Benjamin Franklins. Were the crook a Democratic-Socialist, he would take four of the hundreds, leaving you one and then sprint to CNN calling you greedy and unwilling to help the poor. This brings me to my point. Constitutional patriots believe money is the property of the person who earns it. The IRS taking less of what belongs to you is not a gift, it is theft. To the contrary, socialists believe all money is the property of the ruling class who determines the amount they allow you to keep based on their feelings of fairness and charity. Those are the numbers; do you see the difference?

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