Turkey recipes brought joy

Paul and Anita Gabel of Ft. Worth, Texas  
Thursday, December 5, 2019

The first thing that came to mind this year when enjoying our Thanksgiving dinner was family unity. The mixed and sometimes discernibly loud conversation became distant when the  aroma of delectable food being prepared was teasing our nostrils. Turkey, was the word of the day and our conversation was directed to the traditional Presidential pardoning of the Thanksgiving turkey. “Bread”  and “Butter,” are now in retirement with all the other pardoned birds. As the conversation was still on the subject of turkeys, the discussion included the best way to cook one. This subject was soon resolved upon the delightful reading of the recipes provided by the 2nd grade students of West Elementary School. The obvious innocence of these young recipe providers brought forth loving laughter from family members and guests, such as young Thierein’s 60000 degree final roasting  temperature. A big thanks to the teachers of these promising chefs and to the Laurel Outlook for providing Thanksgiving humor. And a big, big thanks to the 2nd grade students for bringing joy to our hearts.

Paul and Anita Gabel of Ft. Worth, Texas  

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