Trolling the Seas of Higher Education

Krayton Kerns
Thursday, March 28, 2019
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Ramblings of a Conservative Cow Doctor

High schoolers facing graduation should study the recent university admission scandal. It is not pretty, but it is informative. If you were busy night calving heifers, you could have missed how Hollywood elitists manipulated university admission systems to boost their progeny into higher education. Ironically, one of the trust-funder, college girls who rarely attended classes was spending spring break in the Bahamas on the school yacht with the university president when the scandal broke. Perhaps they were deep-sea fishing but there was no word how the fish were biting, and this brings me to my point.

The second biggest lie of our time is that a college degree guarantees success. (Mancaused climate change has a solid lock on number one.) Your prosperity is more determined by you and your efforts than your degree. Society will always need someone to swing the hammer, string the wire, sweat the pipe or shovel the concrete—all honorable occupations. You can be educated without attending college because all the world’s knowledge was placed at your fingertips the day you learned to read. For example, Thomas Jefferson maintained a 6,500-volume library and was one of the smartest of America’s founders. He learned by reading.

Should you need the structure of schooling, hiring an expert in your chosen field may help you garner information. Trading your property—money—for their product—knowledge—is a free-market transaction, one purposely discouraged in academia. Instead of letting you buy what interests you, and before awarding you an engineering, medical, or accounting degree, social justice universities require you attend fluff-fluff classes like “angry women studies” and “transgenderism and the American cowboy.” Requiring such, empowers the institution by keeping professors of worthless subjects employed while simultaneously stretching two years of core studies into six; a socialist indoctrination few escape. President Obama nationalized the federal student loan program in 2010 and after nine years of “sign here” credit, snowflakes have accumulated 1.5 trillion dollars of debt. Proverbs 22:7 tells us “the borrower is servant to the lender” so once again, God’s word rings true.

The only thing worse than securing a worthless degree with debt is believing a highpriced bachelors from a prestigious school strengthens your position in the marketplace. Consider this: Students denied admission to these big-league schools in deference for those deep-sea fishing in the Bahamas have filed and will likely win their discrimination suit. When damages are discussed, the university’s legal counsel will be left no choice but to argue their degrees are of no greater value than any others. Have a plan before signing on the dotted line.


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