Treason against President is leftist plot

Krayton Kerns
Thursday, April 4, 2019
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Ramblings of a Conservative Cow Doctor

It was a Monday. Union General George Thomas led his Army of the Cumberland through the Confederate line on Tennessee’s Orchard Knob. The blue and gray battled on Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge until the rebels hastily retreated into Georgia. Losing the railroad hub of Chattanooga opened the deep south to Union invasion thus sealing the fate of the Confederacy.

On Friday, 155 years later, the trophy wife and I toured Chattanooga’s National Military Park on Lookout Mountain. It was a deathly calm spring morning and we solemnly strolled the Confederate stronghold while gazing down into the Tennessee River Valley. Rebel Howitzers remained perched on rock outcroppings making it easy to imagine the carnage inflicted on soldiers battling their way to the summit. History is far too valuable to ignore. Civil Wars are not civil, and 12,400 Americans died over those three November days in 1863.

It is so easy to say, “never again,” yet once again, our union of states is engaged in another civil war; this one being fought in the political arena. Rather than a division between slave and free states, today’s battle is between free stuff and freedom. Interestingly, only the socialists recognize they are fighting for their ideological lives. The squishy Republicans remain blindly hopeful liberty can survive through capitulation thus leaving but a handful of conservative constitutionalists protecting freedom. We could lose without firing a shot and this brings me to President Trump.

I was a late-comer to the Trump train but admire his resolve after enduring two years of relentless attacks from the main stream media, political opponents and deep-state intelligent operatives. He personifies the stars and stripes waving over Fort McHenry the morning after the all-night British bombardment in 1814. Why was it still standing? Why is he still standing? God truly governs the affairs of men and He has placed Mr. Trump exactly where He wanted him. No other candidate could have stood this onslaught and if Donald Trump is not one of America’s greatest presidents, he is certainly one of the toughest.

After two years, 500 witnesses and 2,800 subpoenas, Russian collusion has been proven a hoax. Mueller’s entire investigation was based on a false premise created by the Clinton campaign with a nod and a wink from the Obama administration. America’s equal application of justice was purposely morphed to protect leftists while spying on an American citizen and then trying to overturn said citizen’s successful election into the presidency. This is treason. President Trump’s administration must immediately enforce the rule of law and hold everyone accountable for their actions. This can never be allowed to happen again.

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