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Larry G. Field
Thursday, August 22, 2019
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Your needs will vary based on your degree of involvement. Keep it simple if you are a beginner until you decide how involved you wish to become. Most of this is directed at the “constant gardeners” in the reading audience, regardless of degree of involvement.

Don’t overlook all chances at recycle. We moved to our current site from town. Shortly after moving our former town neighbor pulled into our driveway with a pickup load of flats filled with nearly dead cabbage bedding plants that had been discarded by a garden shop at the end of the market season. Our original yard was a stubble field, recently sub-divided. About half an acre of stubble turned to cabbage heads. All of our friends began rolling- up their car window for fear of finding the car filled with cab- bage. The season was late, the plants were nearly dead, but good gardening techniques converted all to cabbage heads. Some of the most useful devices come from “hacks”. Our heavy wire panel trellises came out of trash receptacles. Margarine cartons/freezer containers, recycled bedding plant containers/pots, McDonalds drink carriers/heavy duty air circulation hot pads for canning, Fox Lumber scraps/row stakes & bedding plant stakes, the list goes on, use your imagination. Friendly farmers/feed lots for manure. Do not resort to the “way back” and bury dead fish under the garden plants; you cannot bury deep enough to keep wandering pets/pests from digging them, and your plants, up at night.

Garage sales will provide many $1-2 hand tools, shovels, rakes, hoes, etc.

Build things that you need. I purchased, for a few hundred dollars, a compost making barrel, it now collects dust because it does not out perform a compost pile.


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