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I am responding to the “Take a deep breath” column in the Feb. 8, 2018 Outlook.  I admit I lean much more toward the Cow Doctor’s take on our country than the progressive view.  But I read with interest how the column started out defending the unenthusiastic Democratic response to President Trump’s State of the Union, veering into bashing corporate America for “keeping employees in poverty.”  Hmm, it made me wonder what company in America enslaves unsuspecting Americans into working for minimum wage?  Even McDonald’s pays well above that amount!  Now, I will grant you that a full time job at McDonald’s will probably never make one rich, but are those jobs really intended for someone to base their entire livelihood on?  No, they are geared toward entry level positions or people seeking second income jobs.  Part of the freedom that we enjoy in America is the “pursuit of happiness,” not a “guarantee of success.”  Each person has the luxury of pursuing their goals in life but it requires some effort: getting an education, learning a trade, working hard.  If you do those things, you will not be “enslaved” in a minimum wage job.  I believe that increasing the minimum wage is not a solution, but rather encouraging people to take their destiny into their own hands and strive to get ahead is a more permanent and satisfying way to pursue happiness.  It seems that the further away from that theory we get, the worse off our country becomes.

Terrie Casey

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