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Coaches’ Corner - 2/9/17
Outlook staff writer
Brent Edgmond

The Laurel Outlook recently spoke to Laurel High School sportscaster and guidance counselor Brent Edgmond about young minds, good times and his love for Laurel.
Edgmond is the amplified voice every Laurel fan hears when they go to a home game for the Locomotives. He can be seen at the scorers’ table screaming into the microphone and giving commentary and exuding excitement to the loud Laurel crowds at every game. When he’s not providing one-of-a-kind sportscaster commentary, he works at LHS as the school’s guidance counselor.
This is his 30th year in Laurel and 10th as a counselor. Before that he taught high school science at Laurel and coached the Locomotives football and track teams from 1987-02. He co-coached the Dodgers, Laurel’s American Legion baseball team for the last three years, but will sit out this year to spend more time with his wife.
Edgmond received his undergraduate degree in Bozeman at MSU, his masters in Billings at Eastern (now MSUB) and did further post graduate work.
He has been married to his wife Marty for 30 years and they have one son together, CJ, who is now 24 years old.
He left his career as a science teacher because while he could teach his students how to balance equations, as a counselor he could teach bigger life issues and help students further down the road. He wanted to facilitate information for kids and be a liaison that could help them in the long term.
Edgmond calls all the 660 students he has helped over the years his children and helps students with everything from financial aide and scholarships to problems at home.
Music is always playing in his office and his door is always open. A giant purple couch underneath the window has a real Afghan rug draped over it (a gift from a student) and pictures of his family, flowers and fireworks dominate the room. He loves his job and considers his office his home away from home.
1. What are your students most scared of when they come into your office seeking guidance? “They wonder what comes after; scared of the future.”
2. As a broadcaster and such an integral part of the Billings Central rivalry games, what do you think of rivalries nowadays, in comparison to ones of your generation? “I grew up in Bozeman; Livingston was our rival, but it became so violent it ceased, so our new rival became Butte High School. The kids nowadays can play with that same furious spirit on the court, but when the game’s over they can still respect each other and hang out.”
3. What is your job as a sportscaster at the LHS home games? “My job is to rally the troops and make the games fun. To celebrate and be respectful.”
4. Artists like Mariah Carey usually have pre-game vocal warmups to prepare themselves for performances. What is yours? “I come into my office and scream, scream and scream. I turn on my stereo as loud as it can go and crank the Foo Fighters as loud as I can and scream.”
5. Describe your job and your responsibility as a high school guidance counselor? “I always try to make the students feel comfortable. I ask them about what they were passionate about when they were younger and I try to revitalize that energy they had as a child.”
6. What is one thing that you don’t want your students to know about you, but now since you answered this question they will know? “Wow … that is a tough one … I really don’t have much for secrets …  maybe that I’m addicted to Diet Pepsi and Purple Powerade Zero.”
7. What quote do you live by? “Pray Often. Work Hard. Always Listen. Be Humble. Laugh Lots.” 
8. Was there a person in your life who inspired you or mentored you in school or in life?  “My parents have always been my best mentors. They taught me how to live life. They taught me the value of education. They taught me the value of hard work. They, as well as my grandparents, my sisters, my wife and my son have been the pillars in my life.”
9. What do you hope your students take with them after they leave your office? “With their questions answered, or at the very least addressed. The students of LHS are the reason why I come to work. I do everything I can to offer them direction.”
10. What is the favorite part of your job? “Seeing students succeed. Seeing students make progress towards their goals. Seeing their pride after investing in their education. Seeing them years after school being able to live life to their best. Seeing students be happy.”
11. How would you describe your office in your own words? “A place where students can feel comfortable to come and visit.”
12. What is your favorite movie? “U2’s ‘Rattle and Hum’ … or ‘The Man from Snowy River’ or ‘Bull Durham’… or ‘Field of Dreams’… too many to choose from.”
13. What movie or book would you recommend to your students to help them through life’s trials and tribulations? “The problem with a book or movie … is that it is someone else’s solution to a problem or question. I can help provide a framework of ideas and direction, but it is the student who must take the step to create a resolution for their issue. I can offer information and possibilities to them, but it is up to them to begin the process. I can lead the horse to water, but the horse has to drink the water on its own.”
14. What is your philosophy on living a happy peaceful life? “Work hard and treat every person you meet well.”
15. Since you have lived in Laurel for over 30 years, what is the strangest thing you have seen graffitied on the side of a passing train? “Hummmmm … good question.  I think it might have been …. “For a good time call 867-5309” (referring to the song titled ‘Jenny’ by Tommy Tutone).”
16. What do you most often help students with when they come to your office? “Helping them to learn how to socialize physically and not just through their phones. The art of conversation and most times they realize they aren’t really used to talking to a person. You can’t always read what you’re saying so I help them learn social cues again.”  
17. Why do you think Laurel is such a great school? “The people trust the commitment. Mike Ludwig is a Laurel kid, when family is invested it helps. In sports all of the off-season training is embraced and has had success and more success, which built the foundation that the community had laid down and what the expectations are. Same with our academia and our dedication in classes. We have a Big Brothers and Sisters program with 75 seniors and juniors. We have more Big Brothers and Sisters in Laurel than in the entire school district of Billings. The kids that do it see each other later and that connection never goes away. That fiber, that culture that we [staff] treat our students like adults.”
18. What is your favorite memory of coaching the Laurel Locomotives? “In 1999 we won the state championship in football. My son was in kindergarten and came to practice with me and met all the players. Everybody on that team cared for each other. Matt Kimmet was the quarterback that year and now he teaches. We painted a house with the kids, three different houses as a team. They were a real tight-knit group. I remember Bob Connors was head coach and the kids used to come over and play Nerf football in the backyard.”
19. How did you meet your wife of 30 years? “She played volleyball for the Bozeman Bobcats when we were both students. I asked her out twice and she said no. She eventually said yes, after her teammates approved of me. The first movie we saw together was ‘Top Gun,’ She had a big family, one of seven, so when I finally did ask her to marry me I had to ask her dad Don first. He asked if I would take care of her and never hit her or cheat on her. I said yes. Then he said ‘good,’ but she does has five older brothers and they all shoot very well. We were married on the eighth of August and have been in love ever since.”
20. If you had a chance to change the name of Laurel’s sports team and they could have a mascot what would it be? “We have great team name, great pride in our school and students, and a great mascot.  Wouldn’t change a thing.”


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