Students, others begin New Year fresh

Krayton Kerns
Thursday, December 27, 2018
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Ramblings of a Conservative Cow Doctor

The New Year is a great holiday because it takes me back to my good old days in academia. Regular readers may think this contradicts previous ramblings where I chastise today’s government-funded, higher-indoctrination centers. It doesn’t. The only progressive scam greater than government controlling the weather through tax policy is the con a college degree is a ticket to success. Most degrees do not strengthen a student’s position in the marketplace and college grads entering the workforce carrying 100K in debt with a fresh a bachelor’s in angry women studies quickly become dependent on government aid—the hidden truth underlying socialism. Education is good, but you garnered the ability to educate yourself the day you learned to read. All human knowledge gained since the beginning of time is instantly at your fingertips. Only God’s knowledge, outside what He has revealed in scripture, remains obscured.

My fond memories earning my doctorate are due to the comfortable atmosphere of life in the semester system. It is a great existence. Your work year begins in September and then is temporarily relieved by a tenday break over Thanksgiving. The first two weeks of December are the only challenging times as you must demonstrate your academic prowess on final exams. Then it’s over. Another semester is history and you have earned a four-week Christmas break before the cycle repeats itself. The resting period between fall and spring semesters can be a care-free, monthlong vacation for most students. However, today some millennials use this break to tug on their pink lady-part hats, morph into hate-filled, social justice warriors, and parade before CNN cameras protesting toxic masculinity and white privilege. Snowflakes are strange. On my Christmas break I wore a Stormy Kromer hat and went home to help around the ranch and this brings me to my point.

Beginning anew every New Year is as close as adults will ever get to living on the semester system. The 40-hour period between noon on New Years’ Eve and eight o’clock in the morning on January 2nd , is the working man’s equivalent to academia’s Christmas holiday. Take a deep breath and kiss last year’s successes and failures goodbye. If you are an optimist, and most country folk are, you relish the year ahead as opportunity. Whether your resolutions be financial, physical, emotional or spiritual you start with a clean slate on January 2nd . The upcoming year looks to be prosperous so have a happy one.

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