Southworth shines a light on the past

Wins Montana Historical Society’s Heritage Keeper Award
Kathleen Gilluly
Thursday, October 15, 2020


Super storyteller, walking history-book and preservationist, Jim Southworth, is one of three Montanans who will receive the Montana Historical Society’s Heritage Keeper Award during the MHS Board of Trustee Zoom meeting today.

Southworth has been collecting stories of the land he knows around the state, and in particular in the south central corridor along the Yellowstone River where he grew up, as long as he’s been able to listen.

“I’ve always enjoyed hearing my friends and families’ stories,” he said in a recent interview. “Then later, I would read about it and back up their tales with a little truth.”

As such, Southworth is able to tell the tale of a young Chief Plenty Coups teaming up with a few Park City pioneers to rescue stolen horses. The details he has memorized, along his own research from walking the trail, bring the story to life as if it happened last weekend. Look for that story in next week’s Outlook.

Southworth, in addition to being an amazing story teller, is a musician, Laurel Legionnaire, life-long union supporter and an advocate for the state.

In addition to Southworth, Jerry Hanley of Maiden and Patricia Lewis of Boulder, were also nominated and will receive the award.


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