Scout suggests paper cover more people

Colton Folts
Thursday, August 30, 2018

My name is Colton Folts I am 15 years old. I am a Boy Scout and I am with Troop 414 in Laurel.

I am working on a merit badge currently called Communication. One of the requirements is to write a letter to a newspaper expressing my opinion on a topic or a event. As I have lived in Laurel for five years, I have noticed that your paper only recognizes the sports stars, which they should be recognized. Now, I have been in the papers a couple of times myself due to different kinds of things such as Camp Postcard and hunting. I feel that you could get more people into the newspaper, or even different activities, instead of always focusing on the same people or sport. These activities, I feel that could be in the paper could be like church events, boy scouts, and even school events such as band or big brothers and big sisters program.

I feel that you should do this because all different kind of people and activities should be noticed. Not everyone is cut out for sports, yes sports are a big deal and the athletes work hard for it. I have noticed that there is a lot of people that do good deeds, so you could write about that also. I feel that everyone has a good deed inside them. A lot of people go without being recognized. There is another thing you could write about too, at the Divisionals for basketball, almost every Laurel High School student was there to support their team. I am in pep-band and the Laurel band was there supporting their team too. It would be nice if the band could be noticed also. In your paper you could take a picture of the crowd and give the people there supporting their team credit too. I was also saying you could write about church events too, a week ago my brother had soccer practice and there was church event going there, they were playing this really fun game. I feel that was an amazing thing to be recognized. I also think part of the reason that you guys don’t write about it is because the people don’t tell you guys, I definitely think that if more people where to tell you guys you would put it in the paper. When I think about it, it would be pretty hard to keep track of those small events like that, but you guys could put the word out in the paper, saying, “We are looking for some of your life moments, accomplishments, and exciting group events.” I also understand that you guys are busy, but instead of focusing on the same people all the time, give some other people time to be in the spotlight.

I think you guys write some amazing stuff. I read the paper every weekend, and they are great. I really hope you guys like this letter. This summer I had the opportunity to go be a merit badge counselor up at Flathead Lake for a couple of weeks. The Boy Scouts have there own island up there. It is so pretty up there I am going back next year for the entire summer to be a counselor. That is where my troop went for Scout camp this summer.

I hope you guys have a good day and I can’t wait for more papers! P.S. my troop will inform you guys about our events! Thank you for helping me achieve another merit badge.


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