School reopens after 1918 flu epidemic eases

Compiled By Kathleen Gilluly
Wednesday, November 21, 2018

This Thanksgiving poem from the Nov. 27, 1918 Outlook gives voice to the hope that war is finally finished.

25 years ago

Dec. 1, 1993

A man reportedly threatened a woman with a gun in a Laurel convenience store and engaged in a vehicle chase with her before police arrested him last week. Laurel police arrested Edward Duayne Morey of Billings following the alleged incident. According to reports, a clerk at the Town Pump called police Friday afternoon and reported that a man had threatened a woman inside the store with a gun. When Of - ficer Bryan Fischer arrived, he found that the woman had left the store in a vehicle with another male. Witnesses told the officer that the suspect followed the pair in his vehicle. Fischer followed the two cars south on Hwy 212 and saw the suspect pull his vehicle up beside the one with the woman inside it. The suspect attempted to get the woman’s vehicle to stop. Then the suspect pulled his vehicle into the refin - ery parking lot. Morey, 33, was arrested without incident. He was charged with felony assault and criminal possession of drug paraphernalia.

Births were reported for Melissa Farol Stahl and Stephanie Rae Storey.

50 years ago

Nov. 27, 1968

St. Anthony Altar Society will again submit two menus for the annual Girl Scout banquet to be held in March. Two volunteers from the Northwest School of Auctioneering attended the meeting to conduct a penny auction. Proceeds will go to the Korean Orphan Boy Fund.

The Happy Hobby Club met Nov. 17, in the home of Mrs. Wil - liam Webster with a pot luck din - ner. Projects for the month were cat plaques. Mrs. Donald Frank won the hostess prize. Members of the Silesia hobby club prepared a Christmas package which consisted of individual contributions. The package was wrapped at the meeting, and will be sent to Cpl. Dale Webster in Vietnam. Mrs. Robert Field was a guest.

Canisters of cookies for members’ sons serving in the armed forces were packed Thursday afternoon at a social meeting of the Valleyview Homemakers Extension Club in the home of Mrs. Ralph Lumsdon. Guests were Mrs. Bertha Wells, Mrs. Elsie Beswick, Mrs. Amalia Kalstad of Billings and Mrs. Gertrude Bales of Laurel. A report of the business meeting, held Nov. 7 in the home of Mrs. Karl George was given. Mrs. T.J. Mathis was hostess and Mrs. Larry Mathis and children were guests. Two delegates were named to represent the club at the community meeting on teenage problems.

Now showing at the Royal Theatre are Clambake with Elvis Presley and Fitzwilly with Dick Van Dyke, Thursday and Friday. One Thousand Clowns with Jason Robards will be the matinee Saturday. Don’t forget bingo with $10 jackpot and other prizes.

75 years ago

Nov. 24, 1943

Conforming to an order of the ODT, Laurel food stores have cut delivery service to two a week. Nine concerns are affected. De- livery days selected as best fitting average needs are Wednesday and Saturday, except that when a holiday comes on either of the days the delivery will be made the day immediately preceding. On the designated days, only one delivery will be made by each dealer to any one part of the city.

The Northern Pacific railway has been voted the certificate award of the National Victory Garden Institute, “for the very real contribution to the Victory Garden program in 1943,” according to a letter received by the railway from Paul Stark, institute president. The reward was the result of a proposal to railway employes by President C.E. Nenney last February that they grow more wartime food by planting Victory gardens along the railroad right-of-way and on station grounds, reviving a prac- tice of WWI. Thousands of bush - els of vegetables were harvested last summer and fall on acreage leased to railway employes.

Mr. and Mrs. B.V. Friedman will entertain at dinner at their home Thanksgiving day. Guests will be Mr. and Mrs. O.K. Chapman, Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Cromwell, Mrs. Maude Spencer and Mrs. Chapman’s parents, Mr. and

Mrs. Tait of Whitehall.

From Sgt. L.E. Nave, by Vmail: This is to let you know of my change of address. I received the paper every week while I was in the States and enjoyed it very much. All I can tell you is that I am in England and near the water. The weather is chilly. I am having things fairly nice, as I live in a barracks. Thanking you again, I close with best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

The memorial services for

Pvt. Harry Weber, killed in Italy,

were well attended in St. John’s Lutheran church. Rev. J. Ludwig of Bridger assisted the local pastor, Rev. H.E. Vomhof, in the services.

Word was received here this

week of the marriage of Miss

Jean Bongiani to Robert Watson

which occurred recently at Los Angeles, Calif. The bride is the daughter of Mrs. Lucia Bongiani and has been in California the past year. The groom is an MP in the army. They are making their home in Los Angeles at present.

Alfred Malcom, city employee who had been a hospital patient for several weeks, returned to Laurel last week and has re-

sumed his duties with the fire department as driver of the fire


Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Krug were hosts at a family dinner Sunday, honoring their son, PFC Jake Krug and their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. David Frickel, who were recently married.

100 years ago

Nov. 27, 1918

When You Have the Flu.

When your back is broke and

your eyes are blurred,

And your shin bones knock and your tongue is furred;

And your tonsils squeak and your hair is dry,

And you’re doggone sure you’re going to die;

And you’re skeered you won’t and afraid you will,

Just drag to bed and have your chill,

And pray the Lord to see you through,

For you’ve got the Flu,

You’ve got the Flu!

When your toes curl up and your belt goes flat,

And you’re twice as mean as a Thomas cat;

And your lattice aches and your head’s a-buzz,

And nothing is as it ever was;

When your life is a long and

dismal curse,

And your food all tastes like a hard boiled hearse;

Here’s my sad regrets to you,

You’ve got the Flu, boy,

You’ve got the Flu.

What is it like, this Spanish


Ask me, brother, I’ve been thru;

It is by misery out of despair;

It thins your blood and brays your bones,

And fills your craw with

moans and groans,

And sometimes, maybe, you get well;

Some call it Flu,

I call it Hell!

The ban has been lifted at the American theatre (formerly known as the Casino theatre) on admitting children under 16 years of age. Exclusion of children from the play house was made necessary by the epidemic

of influenza, but as the disease is

abating in Laurel this restriction has been removed.

The public schools of Laurel will open on Tuesday of next week according to action taken by the board of trustees after hav-

ing been closed for five weeks during which time an influenza

epidemic has raged in Laurel. The teachers have been devoting their time at the Red Cross hospi-

tal helping Mrs. HB. Westbrook

care for the patients.


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