School Board positions open

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Laurel needs board members who are interested in making Laurel an excellent school system.

It will take people who are patient learners, who know it will take time and energy to become educated by the process and school law; persons who are able to listen and learn. Individuals who will ask questions, not accuse, who will search for answers, not jump to conclusions without getting the facts. A board member who, when they think there is a problem, will research it to be sure they see the whole picture and then offer a viable solution that works towards school excellence. Those who will go to the source, in a respectful manner, to become informed before taking a stand on issues that arise. Board members need to be willing to give their time and energy to make a positive difference in our schools.

I want to see a Board of informed, educated, caring people who are looking ahead to make the school system in Laurel a place people are proud to send their children, where educators and administrators want to come to work and where being a board member is a positive position attractive to the public. It is important to have civic minded, positive people filling the positions– it will affect the complexion of the board.

We need you!

For more information, call Donnie at 628–3355.

Gail Richardson of Laurel


Laurel Public Schools is in the planning and study phase for schools after emergency repairs were made to Graff School last summer. One option is to build a new elementary school and ask voters to approve a bond. Are you in favor of building a new school?

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