Ruling class is having a panic attack

Krayton Kerns
Thursday, October 18, 2018
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Ramblings of a Conservative Cow Doctor

Several decades back, the trophy wife and I hauled our three little ones to Disneyland. On the second night, we were touring Cinderella’s castle during their

end-of-day parade and firework

display. We tourists were crammed shoulder to shoulder when the night sky exploded in brilliant pyrotechnics. I was staring up into the darkness when Druann jabbed my ribs and hollered, “Grab Chelsie!” I looked down to see our threeyear-old daughter screaming in panic and running in place.

She was terrified and seconds

from bolting into the crowd. Panic is a survival mechanism common to every animal

species and the confirmation of

Justice Kavanaugh has triggered

this fight-or-flight reaction in


State approved news broadcasts and social media

is filled with video clips of

activists pounding the doors of the Supreme Court, screaming hysterically at conservatives in D.C. restaurants and torching trucks sporting MAGA stickers. As deranged as these perpetrators are, they are not panicked and instead, are acting exactly as they have been indoctrinated. For generations, they have been taught they are poor because someone else is rich, enslaved because someone else is free, unemployed because someone else is employed and stupid because someone else is smart. Okay, perhaps my fourth example is a stretch, but you follow the trend. There is a panic on the left side of the aisle but

rather than afflicting the street

mob, true terror is striking the ruling class. Think about it.

Progressivism is an evil, miserable, failed ideology to which the little people will surrender only by deception. For 100 years, socialists stacked the judiciary with progressive activists only to

have the confirmation of Justice

Kavanaugh potentially tilt America’s highest court back to liberty and limited government.

This could benefit our republic

for decades and the ruling class is in a full-bore screaming, running in place panic watching their

power slip through their fingers.

Eric Holder, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Maxine Waters are inciting violence in their minions in their quest to regain power over the unwashed. We patriots must turn out this November and turn the media’s hoped for blue wave into a red tsunami. Progressivism may

finally and fittingly be retired

to the ash heap. Karl Marx was wrong in 1848 and he is wrong in 2018. In the imaginary words of Justice Kavanaugh, “Don’t panic, hold my beer, we’ve got this.”

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