Rene Teeters Roth

Thursday, April 21, 2022
Rene Teeters Roth

Rene Teeters Roth

Name: Rene Teeters Roth

Profession: I am a small business owner. My husband and I own Roth Lawn Service and Red Tractor Christmas Tree Farm. I graduated from MSU-Billings with a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration and University of Mary with a Masters Degree in Management. Prior to running our business full time, I worked in healthcare for 10 years in fundraising, quality and medical staff credentialing.

Why are you running for the Laurel School Board?

I am running for the school board to ensure that the focus of the district is the students and providing a quality education with a focus on excellence. As a parent who has been heavily involved in the schools as a volunteer, substitute, and coach, there are many achievements to celebrate within our district and there are areas of improvement. I believe in celebrating our awesome students, teachers and accomplishments. I also believe there must be transparency, communication, discipline and accountability.

What would you like voters to know about you?

Parental rights and input must be respected and encouraged in public schools. Parents/guardians are the final decision makers for their children. Our schools are better when parents are involved and actively engaged in all aspects, including curriculum evaluation. Nothing that happens at school should be veiled from parents. I would like to encourage parents to be involved in district committee meetings, so there is both input and transparency.

What strengths will you bring to the board? My greatest strength is my

My greatest strength is my ability to critically think and evaluate situations by asking questions and having conversations. I am not afraid to ask the hard questions and look at both sides of an issue. It is vitally important that the board be creative in dealing with challenges they face. The last couple of years have brought many issues to light that must be addressed and solved. My relationships within the district, as well as in the community, will serve me well in improving trust in the community.

What do you see as the biggest issue facing the Laurel School District?

Our district has seen a decline in student census, a downward trend in testing scores and a recent staff survey that identified many opportunities for improvement. I would like to see the Laurel School District be the best choice for education, best place to teach and the best community partner. We must identify the reasons that are driving parents to choose other education options and work toward creative solutions. Teachers and staff must be part of a team that is moving the district forward while being valued, involved in decisions that affect their classrooms and celebrated for their accomplishments.

What is the Laurel School District’s greatest strength?

In short, it is the people, the students, the parents, the teachers, the staff, and the community. Our extracurricular activities, from athletics to FFA and Speech, Drama and Debate, are overt examples of the good that is taking place every day in our district. It is time to build upon the successes and progress to another level. This district has amazing potential. Individuals who, if given the correct tools, leadership and encouragement, can make our district better.


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