Remembering Leroy Metzger

Remembering Leroy Metzger
Thursday, May 23, 2019

The Reader’s Viewpoint

I am writing this letter to tell a story about a simple man that would do anything for anybody and had a heart of gold. Leroy Metzger was my brother-in-law. He enjoyed helping his friends and family. He had an extended family which was not mentioned in his obituary. He called his brother-in-law in Cody, Wyo., every day. He called me at least once a week or I would call him. He came out to my place when I had to go to the hospital and took my dogs to the vet for me. He also came and got me out the hospital and took me home and gathered up the pups and brought them home.

Leroy loved to help people—that was part of his nature. He always helped with a smile on his face because he enjoyed helping. He was just that kind of guy. It wasn’t about how much money he had or the material things that money could buy, because being a true friend meant more to Leroy and his friends were far more important than any amount of money would ever be.

This world lost a man who knew the value of friendship and the importance of being a true friend.

I will miss Leroy and I know this world is a colder and sadder place without him. You were a good man.

Rosalie Stricker

Gering, Neb.


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