Red Lodge case

Reader’s Viewpoint
Thursday, March 31, 2022

We are writing out of concern for a young man in Carbon County whom we’ve known for 15+ years. Having served thousands of people over five decades in a business requiring quick judgment of people, we’ve always been impressed by Nathan Polakoff’s genuine concern and thoughtfulness for other people. Quiet and humble, Nate has shown nothing less than respect and compassion for other living beings, including animals he has trained and cared for. Even when provoked, he remains calm with an even temper. We are saddened that his good nature has been taken advantage of by someone he thought was a friend. We’re also perplexed as to why Carbon County attorneys intend to take this case any further, when only one juror disagrees with all the rest? Polakoff’s case defies logic and should be dismissed, while Carbon County voters should reconsider their options for County Attorney positions.

Jolene Veo & Randy Jokela

Park Rapids, Minn.

The Laurel Outlook


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