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Children’s museum suggested

When we lived in Bloomington/Norman, Ill., we frequently enjoyed visiting The Children’s Discovery Museum. Being that the area is best known for agriculture the museum was filled with many farm related interactive activities which were both fun and informative. We almost always took friends and family who were visiting to the museum.
Since moving to Laurel I have felt this would be an ideal place for the CHS Refinery and the BNSF Railroad to build a Children’s Discovery Museum based upon refining oil and railroad transportation. I believe people would come from near and far away to enjoy learning while being engaged in age-appropriate activity. It is quite possible some of the visitors would become interested in pursuing careers in these two businesses.
The Museum would be great publicity for the refinery and the railroad. The museum would also bring many visitors to Laurel who would no doubt support existing motels, eating establishments and other retail stores. It could be the anchor which would serve as an incentive for other business enterprises to locate here.
A quote from the movie, “A Field of Dreams,” states, “Build it (a baseball field) and they will come.” I believe people would come to a Children’s Discovery Museum if one were built in Laurel.
James B. Bell

Please plow around PC school

It sure is a sad day when the taxpayers of Park City can’t get the county to plow around the school and the bus routes to keep our children safe. If we are paying them to come put sand on top of the snow without dropping a blade what good is that going to do? As I was coming home the other afternoon when school was getting out I was almost hit by a student trying to get over the berm that is left by no one plowing the streets around the school. I dare to say that it is going to take a student getting hurt or killed before we can get our county to plow and not just drop sand around our school and bus routes. I am a taxpayer and live within the town. Our streets haven’t been this bad during the 20 years I have lived here. I, as a taxpayer, would like to see at least the bus routes and around the school plowed and sanded so our children will be safe.
Since when does the county not plow an unincorporated town for safety? We used to have good service here in our little town but now we are just left in the wind with only little 4-wheelers to try and plow the school and bus routes. The buses go down my street and it isn’t safe for a car to go down let alone a bus. So what can be done about this?? Maybe we should stop paying our taxes.
Jeanette Bossen
Park City

This conservation funding opportunity may be for you

Farmers and ranchers, there’s a great conservation funding opportunity from the Natural Resource Conservation Service that you can take advantage of.
The NRCS is accepting initial applications for the Conservation Stewardship Program at its local offices and on its website ( until Feb. 3. CSP is a national program, tailored at the state and local levels to address regional conservation concerns.
Paul Ackley, in Taylor County, Iowa, found that enrolling in this program allowed him to implement conservation practices. On land he rented and owned, he noticed the soil was looking tired after several years of cropping - his beans even turned white in certain places where the soil was particularly depleted.
With payments from CSP, Paul was able to add soft red winter wheat to his corn-soy rotation, and the soil started looking healthier. He also used payments to begin rotational grazing on part of his grazing land. Now his pastures are more diverse and he has more warm season grasses.
Is CSP right for you? The program is designed to reward farmers and ranchers for using conservation practices on their land. It provides comprehensive conservation assistance to whole farms. Farmers and ranchers can receive payments for practices like planting cover crops, installing buffer strips or starting rotational grazing.
Remember, the deadline to submit an initial application is Feb. 3. If you have questions, we can help. Contact us at the Center for Rural Affairs at or 515.329.0172.
By Anna Johnson,,
Center for Rural Affairs

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