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Thursday, April 23, 2020

I’m proud to stand with Kimberly Dudik: a four-term legislator, mother of four, former neonatal nurse, and prosecutor. Kimberly is a proven champion for our environment, as well as a long-time advocate for criminal justice reform and protecting children from abuse. During her time in the Montana House of Representatives, Kimberly has made bipartisan progress her priority. Kimberly has passed and strengthened anti-bullying laws and estab

lished requirements for a statewide plan to combat child abuse and neglect. Kimberly also allowed the use of civil actions to collect delinquent corporate taxes, relieving the burden on local communities and holding corporations accountable. As Attorney General, she will continue to prioritize keeping our lands healthy, holding polluters accountable, and working to stop human trafficking and child abuse.

From environmental protections to criminal justice reform, LGBTQ+ equality to reproductive rights, we need an Attorney General with a proven record on the issues that matter most. Kimberly has that record. Please join me in voting for Kimberly Dudik for Montana Attorney General! Marilyn Marler State Representative, House District 90

Kimberly Dudik is the most impressive and qualified candidate to become our next Attorney General. She is a proven leader and fighter for creating lasting change in Montana. She has had a remarkable career as a nurse, an attorney, and a State Representative. Nobody is more fitting to be our next Attorney General. I know that Kimberly Dudik will work to protect me as an employee in the Missoula restaurant industry during the Covid-19 pandemic. Kimberly Dudik has unique experience

in healthcare as a former nurse and is dedicated to protecting the health, safety, and rights of employees statewide. With hours cut and many employees relying on unemployment like me, workers deserve the best to protect them. Kimberly Dudik is a dependable candidate that consistently reaches across the aisle while working in the Montana State Legislature in order to enact real change for our state. This has been shown through her work as a private attorney and assistant Attorney General protecting vulnerable populations, her work in the

legislature expanding healthcare access, and working with our Attorney General to protect our elderly against fraudulent ads and scams. In our time of uncertainty and crisis, this is the sort of leadership we need and should expect in our government to fight for Montanans. Make history and join me to elect one of Montana’s greatest, Kimberly Dudik, in the June primary to become our first female AG! Isaac Mahn Missoula

I have had the honor of serving the people of Montana as a State Representative for the past four years. One of my proudest accomplishments in this position is that we were finally able to change our law so that people can no longer share private or sexual images of another person without their permission. This is commonly called Revenge Porn and can have devastating impacts on lives. I didn’t do this alone, however. I had the expert help of Rep. Kimberly Dudik in changing this law. Together we wrote and fine-tuned the law that eventually passed and, without her strong advocacy to protect citizens through this needed reform, we would not have been able to make this change. And that is one of the examples of why I support my colleague Kimberly Dudik for Montana Attorney General.

As an experienced prosecutor, four-term legislator, mother of four, and former neonatal intensive care nurse with a specialty in public health, Kimberly brings by far the most impressive background and experience out of any other candidate to this race. I know who Kimberly is, I know what Kimberly will stand for as our Attorney General, and I am confident she is the Democrat that can win this election.

I have been especially impressed with her work improving the safety of children and women in our state through her work in the Montana Legislature. Kimberly has led reforms to our laws so that children are protected from sexual abuse, human trafficking is stopped, and our criminal justice system is reformed so more people receive the treatment and help they need for chemical dependency and mental health issues that all too often lead them to repeated involvement in the criminal justice system.

Kimberly also has a strong record of protecting public access to our public lands. This is an important benchmark because of the position of the Attorney General on Montana’s Land Board. Kimberly will keep fighting to keep public lands in public hands.

As we have seen over the last two years, some of the most important work being done to protect our rights and democracy is being done at the desks of our nation’s Attorneys General. And from access to health insurance to reproductive rights to consumer protection, Montanans need a strong advocate.

The stakes of this next election matter. Everything from our healthcare to our environment, fair elections to basic human rights, are at stake. And I have every confidence that Kimberly Dudik has the diverse background and experience that voters are going to look for. That is why I am supporting her for Attorney General and I ask you to join me.

Rep. Marilyn Ryan Representative House

Representative House

District 99 (D)

Missoula, MT

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