Reader questions ethics of U.S. strike on Iranian general

Thursday, January 16, 2020

After World War II, we brought the criminals of the Hitler regime to justice at the Nuremburg trials. We showed the world that given time and persistence, the rule of law not only would bring those guilty of heinous crimes to justice, we exposed the error of believing that one man knows all and can be trusted to treat everyone equally under the law if given absolute rule.

To the world, we as a nation killed Qasem Soleimani, truly an evil man with the blood of many innocent individuals on his hands. Did we capture him? Did we bring him before a legitimate court to stand trial? Did we bring forth all the evidence of his crimes to allow the world to judge the severity of his crimes?

What we have done is to allow one man to use the power of our nation to become the judge, jury and executioner, hypocritically disregarding our nation’s basic premise of the rule of law. The process of guarding freedom and guaranteeing the rights of the individual, friend or foe, is messy and frustrating, but must be methodical. If as a nation we don’t persist calmly, we will only encourage and give perceived justification to the terrorist who only sees and reacts to the immediacy of violence.

Jim Tikalsky of Laurel

The Laurel Outlook


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