The Reader’s Viewpoint: September 5, 2019

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Say it Ain’t So

A friend opined that small, hometown newspapers are reaching the end of their life cycle. If we do our part by maintaining subscriptions and paying for advertising, perhaps that somber prediction will not become reality. My question for those who do not subscribe to a local paper: what is your source for our local sports, school news and city happenings, business news, plus the ever-present police and court reports? Without our local paper, how would I know Lisa Reimer was honored as Athlete of the Year by Big Sky State Games? Or a number of outstanding LHS grads will be competing at a collegiate level? Or a couple of upstanding locals had infractions as teens 50 years ago (Hehehe). How would I know the Conservative Cow Doctor has discontinued his Ramblings in the Outlook? I will miss his narratives and his knack for relating his infamous family/friend tales to his political bent. Apparently I can find him in other publications, but in those publications, I will not find the local calendar of events or the latest challenges facing the school board and city council. Or that the Laurel Lions plan to continue improving the Laurel South Pond (hoping the plan includes a load of sand to create a nice beach area.) Reading a local newspaper means you can better stay connected to your community, know our young achievers and also know who is struggling and may need a helping hand. Thank you to the editor, the reporters, and the sales staff. Sometimes your job may seem thankless, but we know you care and you are making a difference. I appreciate you!

Colette Decker of Laurel


Rambler forgot some vital truths

A couple dictionary meanings: To ramble: to talk or write aimlessly Rambling: disconnected wondering Patriot: a person who is loyal to his country Bigot: a person who holds blindly to a particular creed – opinionated, narrow minded For many months there have been posts weekly by the rambler telling you his bigot remarks and leaving out those he doesn’t want you to know. He resolved to have you believe that only the Republicans are patriots and therefore have better ideas while the Democrats are evil. So this is just about things he didn’t tell you. While campaigning, Trump said Mexico would pay for the wall - NOT- he said he had a health plan that would cover everyone and no leave people dying on the streets. Not and now with him wanting to abolish ACA. What will happen to all those millions that are covered? He said he would not golf and now that has cost us millions. He said he wouldn’t touch our Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid, but now because he has our country so far in debt his raw 2020 budget is calling for taking a trillion from those programs. That’s right; he wants $2 trillion from our programs. Think of the millions of Americans this will devastate. Now that is evil. The rambler did not tell you that 138 republicans voted against the Violence Towards Women’s Act. Does that mean they do not care if their mothers, wives, and daughters are violated? Or that 180 some voted against lowering drug prices? Nor did he tell you Devos is taking money from our public schools. Or that Trump gave $62 million to two crooked brothers in Brazil so they could bribe officials there and that money was to go to our farmers – Did he pay it back? Did he tell you recessions are much more common under Republican presidents – then if a Democrat has to get our country out of them by raising our taxes they start hollering. If this offended some of you, it was only to show he didn’t tell everything.

Ruby Hanson of Laurel

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