The Reader’s Viewpoint: September 24, 2020

Thursday, September 24, 2020

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No red-flag laws

One of Montana’s most important elections in our time is coming up this November, between Greg Gianforte and Mike Cooney. At the last legislature we beat a bill called the red flag law and not by much, introduced by Democrat Socialist of Missoula, this red flag law is a very unconstitutional law that anyone who claims they feel threatened by you can just call the cops and they can take all of your guns and ammo all without any court appearance at all. Then you have to get a lawyer and prove your innocence, and not the other way around as our Constitution states. So far, 26 states have the unconstitutional law and gun owners are finally fighting back. This law was introduced by the liberal Democrat Socialist as a way to confiscate your weapons and ammo and with the current conditions going on in this country now is not the time for law biding citizens to not be having their guns to help defend ourselves from the criminal element. Greg Gianforte has an A + rating with the NRA and Gun Owners of America and the Montana Shooting Sports Assoc. I have talked to Greg on this matter personally and he has assured me that if any type of law like this was to come to his desk he would veto it immediately. Greg is also for the full rights of gun owners: the right to carry without any state permits, the same right that Bullock vetoed. It should also be noted that Sen. Steve Daines also has an A+ rating from these groups. It is imperative that every gun owner and hunter elect these two gun rights people into the senate and into our governorship this November. The Socialists are on the move and its happening fast here in our great state an with all of these antigunners moving here trying to change our state from a very pro-gun-rights state to a socialist utopia they moved away from to come here and destroy our great state. Please go and type in red flag laws and see what I am saying. It’s unbelievable that close to 90% of Montanans have never heard of this red flag law. Let’s beat this law down like we beat the sales tax down big time once and for all and send out a strong message.

William Burgan of Roberts


USPS essential

I’ve had two kidney transplants, and I depend on immunosuppressants to prevent my body from rejecting the new kidney. My insurance requires that I receive my medication through the USPS. I could die if my medication does not come in the mail on time. The procedural changes that Postmaster General DeJoy has made have delayed mail delivery all over the county. I’m incredibly worried that these changes and the federal government’s inability to appropriately fund the USPS will cause my own medication to be delayed. I shouldn’t have to live in fear for my life because partisan politics have infiltrated the Postal Service. Montana is an ultra rural state, and without the Post Office many of us won’t receive the medications we need. Congress needs to do its job to fully fund the USPS and reverse procedural changes that continue to cause costly and deadly delays.


Vickie Jacobsen of Havre


Vote McMurtry

Being elected to represent the interest of the people of District 2 before the Montana Public Service Commission is a serious job. Tony O’Donnell, the incumbent representative, prefers to “phone it in” rather than put in the time and effort for effective representation. Although he started his term in 2017 with attendance at PSC meetings slightly over 80 percent, he apparently lost interest in the position, attending only 66 percent of the meetings in 2018, 52 percent in 2019, and with an abysmal attendance rate of 25 percent in pre-COVID-19 2020. It’s a puzzle as to why Mr. O’Donnell even chose to run for re-election as it is clear by his attendance record that he feels no obligation to do the job for which he was elected.

We deserve a representative who will show up and do the work necessary, someone who takes the job seriously and who considers their position an honor, not a side hustle. Valerie McMurtry has had a life of public service as a teacher for over 27 years. She knows how to work hard and will put in the time to study the issues before the PSC. And she knows the importance of showing up to do the job.

When it is time to vote in the O’Donnell/McMurtry race, think about who will put in the hard work to study the issues and show up and do the job. Vote McMurtry.

Margy Bonner of Billings


Vote Libertarian

I became old enough to vote in 1964. That was the year that I learned about spineless

Republicans. The two I really remember were Nelson Rockefeller and George W. Romney. They both failed to support the Republican candidate Barry Goldwater for president. Over the years I have noted that spineless Republicans tend to be wealthy individuals who are running for their old egotistical reasons than any true belief in core republican principles. They also can afford to purchase any endorsements from others that they feel will help them. They will not take a principled Republican stance on controversial issues that they think will hurt them politically. Also if they are in the legislature they will not vote as true republican conservatives.

Greg Gianforte refused to take a stand against how our democratic governor was locking down the state during the pandemic and one of his primary opponents was always pointing out how he was not voting like a true republican in the congress. Does president Trump really need another high ranking spineless republican to deal with! Put me down as voting Libertarian for governor this year!

Dr. W. David Herbert of Billings

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