The Reader’s Viewpoint: May 9, 2019

Thursday, May 9, 2019

What’s my address?

The new highway is scheduled to open in June. As of this May 2nd, nobody along the old highway has been informed what the new road name will be, let alone what our new addresses will be. This is getting to be a concern, as the new highway is taking the 212/310 designation.  So we have been told we will all have new addresses, but four weeks before the official change, no one knows what the addresses will be, let alone even the new name of the highway.

Warmest regard,

Greg Johnson, 2505 Hwy 212 South  (I think)


Taking off my Blinders

After reading Tom Towe’s editorial in the May 2 Laurel Outlook, I decided to take his advice and take off my blinders. Here is what I see:

I see a political party that continues to bash America. A party that travels the country and the world “apologizing” for this great country. A party that tears down the institutions and the people that have made us the greatest country in the world. I see how they impugn and discredit what the people of this country have accomplished through hard work and sacrifice. I see a party that is for open borders, letting anyone and everyone into this country to ensure that there will be a permanent underclass that will vote for them so they can stay in power. I see a party that is against requiring an ID in which to vote, jeopardizing the integrity of our elections. I see a party that wants to allow convicted criminals, including those who have committed heinous crimes, to be allowed to vote while in prison. I see a party that continually works to govern against the will of the people. I see a party that is offering college, health care, child care, a guaranteed wage and anything else a person wants... all “free.”

Quite frankly, I see more than enough to fill this entire newspaper. But thankfully, I see a president proud of his country instead of one filled with disdain.

So, I would like to thank Mr. Towe for his suggestion that I remove my blinders. I know the party that I support isn’t perfect, but it sure looks a lot better for our future than the one he felt I needed to see. And for the record, I do not participate in social media and I’m quite capable for forming my own thoughts and opinions.

By the way, I like the tax cut “crumbs” that I was able to keep. Anyone is free to give them back if they don’t want them!

Kelly Brester of Laurel

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