The Reader’s Viewpoint, December 13, 2018

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Non-discrimination should be law

Montana is one of 31 states that does not protect LGBTQ Americans from discrimination. They have no legal recourse if they are denied housing, employment or services because of who they are and who they love.  This needs to change.

It has been reported that over 70 percent of Americans support laws to protect these neighbors. They deserve to be treated as equals, in person, and under the law, same as the rest of us. Equality is a human right and acceptance is a human need.

Make no mistake, the evil lies in the fact that discrimination still happens, not in the fact that good people are attempting to promote equality and hopefully reduce the violent hate crimes committed against the LGBTQ community.

Barbara  A.S.Emineth of Laurel


Plea to thief: return our truck

To the person that stole my husband’s 1996 pickup Ford F-150, blue with blue topper: Did you notice the “Semper Fi,” and “If You Love Your Freedom, Thank A Vet!” bumper stickers or the veteran license plates? It is the season of giving, not taking. We are retired seniors. Please return the truck. Merry Christmas!

Gary and Dianne Flack of Laurel


Laurel Senior Center offers fitness program

Beginning in January of 2019, for the second year in a row, the Laurel Senior Citizens Center will offer a Silver and Fit exercise class. The trainer is James Lewis, a certified Silver and Fit trainer. James served in the United States Marine Corps and graduated from Keiser University. He is currently an athletic trainer at the Locomotive Fitness Center in Laurel and also trains at several gyms in Billings.

Our participants range in age generally from their 50s to 92. Each person is encouraged to listen to their own body and adjust according to their needs. For example, if the routine calls for sit and stands and someone feels that is too difficult for them on that day, they are encouraged to remain seated and do leg raises. We exercise with a chair within our reach for safety and success.

I have participated since the inception of the class in January of 2018. I have developed great fondness for people who a year ago were complete strangers. When you come together as senior citizens to invest in your own health via exercise, you are also investing in the health of every senior there. A special comradery develops where we can both invest in our physical well-being and laugh at our limitations.

All seniors in the Laurel area are invited to join the Silver and Fit classes every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30-11:30 a.m. The calsses are free, the fitness trainer is paid via the annual center budget. Please give this healthy behavior a place on your January 2019 to do list.

Carol Blades of Laurel


Do you plan to vote in the upcoming city election?

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