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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Cemetery difficult to locate

Recently my wife and I visited the Yellowstone National Cemetery north of Laurel.  It was our first visit.  The cemetery is in a nice setting and very well maintained.  The small staff does a great job.  Given that we have so many veterans in Montana it is important that we have a Veterans Administration cemetery in this part of the state.  It is a very attractive and honored site for a final resting place for those who have served our country.  The only issue we had as part of our visit was finding the cemetery.  Yes there is one sign along the interstate coming in both directions.  But they are not very prominent.  Additionally, once you exit the interstate there are no signs.  Yes, signs can add to the overall appearance of clutter, but it seems very appropriate for signage to assist families find the cemetery ... even in this age of cell phone apps and GPS navigation systems.  Many of the visitors are elderly and some are from out-ofstate and unfamiliar with the Laurel area.  Appropriate and dignified signage would be a positive.

Dick Keen

Big Timber

Rosendale pushes junk insurance plans

Matt Rosendale doesn’t prioritize Montana families in his position as state insurance commissioner. His actions have led to higher prices for health care for Montanans across the state. In fact, his record shows he favors the insurance companies over us.  

Rosendale helped insurance companies at the expense of Montana families. Last year, Rosendale approved insurance rate hikes as high as 23 percent. As insurance commissioner, Rosendale had the power to challenge those rates and fight for a better deal for all of us—but he didn’t. Now, Rosendale is claiming that he wasn’t responsible for those rate hikes. He is.  

Rosendale is championing health insurance plans that can refuse coverage to Montanans with pre-existing conditions. These plans don’t have to cover maternity care or prescription drugs. These “junk” insurance plans don’t protect Montanans. He fought for the return of Medi-Share, a health care program that was banned from our state for fraud in 2007. This is how he looks out for the best interest of Montana families?

Rosendale’s record speaks for itself. He is not working to improve health care for Montana families as insurance commissioner. Why would he make us a priority in the Senate?

Marni Edmiston


Who is Kathy Kraninger?

Well if you’ve ever had anyone in your family conned by a payday lender, you should know. The Senate could confirm Ms. Kraninger soon to run the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and she seems ready to try to roll back protections for borrowers of payday loans. Like most Americans, I think these basic protections are important to keeping our state safe from scams.

Thankfully, Senator Tester put consumers in Montana ahead of predatory lenders. During the Senate vote Tester said ‘my concern is that if we confirm Kraninger, she will do nothing ... and if she does nothing then … the CFPB will [become] an inactive organization that will not be protecting students, military people or those who are seniors.” He then voted against installing Kraninger because we need someone at the consumer bureau who will enforce the law, not someone who will fall asleep at the wheel while we get scammed.

Darrell Johnson



What are you more likely to buy your valentine this year?

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