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Winter is sticking around, two ways to deal with it

By David Keyes
Laurel Outlook publisher

There are two ways to approach the winter of 2016-17.
The first option is to hunker down and curse every time the next snowstorm blows through.
We have had more snow this winter than the late 1970s and more is coming so if hunkering down and cursing is working for you, you probably have a few more chances.
The second option is to embrace the moment, step back and to realize this winter is one of the unique aspects of living in an area with four seasons.
The rugged weather has really taxed law enforcement, firefighters and city and county crews. Even school district personnel have been challenged with keeping buildings safe and making sure students can make it to school and home.
We want to recognize everybody who’s job it is to keep the rest of us safe. You don’t get enough thanks and usually only hear complaints, so we want you to know you are appreciated and we hope you stay safe.
On Wednesday morning, city of Laurel crews took a few minutes to attempt to rescue a semi truck that had impaled itself on a metal pole next to Rimrock Chevrolet.
They gave it their best for a few minutes but the loaded trailer wasn’t moving so they quickly got back to plowing city streets. It is great to live in a town where city crews will try to assist a stuck truck, especially when it is a hazard for other drivers.
Talking with a city employee at the scene, he was headed to the cemetery to plow the road in time for a funeral later that day. The other employees also had a huge day in front of them.
Another example of embracing the winter was when my neighbor, Bob Western, learned that my son was home from college.
“You guys need to go sledding,” the 80-year-old former principal insisted as he loaded my son into his vehicle and showed him the hill.
After they returned, Bob had two sleds ready to go and soon Austin and Olivia were hitting the hill for some “epic sledding.
We hope everyone takes the extra time to travel safely for the rest of the winter. There is not one day that goes by without our scanner going off with reports of accidents and slideoffs.
In fact, our ace sports reporter Garrett was in a rollover accident while on his way to work on Tuesday. He suffered mostly bumps and bruises.
This winter has all of the makings of being an epic story. We all have the memories that start with “Do you remember when…?” Maybe The Snowpocolyps Winter of 2016-17 will be the event that will live on in history.
Either that or you can hunker down and cuss. Your choice.

David Keyes is publisher of the Laurel Outlook.

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