The press is dead after 243 years

Krayton Kerns
Thursday, January 31, 2019
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Ramblings of a Conservative Cow Doctor

Few under-forty folks faithfully follow the obituary column because youngsters are blind to their mortality. After all, death only afflicts the worn and wrinkled, does it not? The decades pass with little notice until the morning a 50-year old spots stray gray hairs sprouting from the crest of their ears. Suddenly, the pale and pasty man in the mirror has crossed life’s hump to enter his sunset years. After this hairy-ear reckoning, midlifers begin religiously reading the obituary column to console themselves. If the deceased are decades their senior, logic dictates their deadline must be decades away. When their contemporaries die, over-the-hillers search the cause of death to safely separate themselves from the deceased. If the dead guy was a heavy drinking, Type II diabetic, readers can find solace knowing they are a skinny teetotaler. Such is the function of the obituary column and this brings me to my point.

A great American institution has died yet you will not read it in the obituary column because the deceased refuses to accept its demise. The credible, fair and independent mainstream media has passed. After 243 years, it wasn’t old age which placed them in the grave, it was suicide—they sacrificed their credibility on the altar of socialism. Here is how:

Marx and Engels published their Communist Manifesto in London in 1848 and European immigrants brought this philosophy of covetousness to America. Marxism was not immediately embraced so concealed itself in college faculty cloakrooms where it incubated for generations. Over the last century, collectivists re-billed this ideology of envy as liberalism and progressivism before latching onto democraticsocialism. Today, leftists openly champion government as the great equalizer for the lazy, the ignorant, the timid and the talentless by promising them the bounty produced by the ambitious, the smart, the bold and the talented. Because journalism is a product of these institutes of higher indoctrination, the mainstream news has become socialist propaganda and here is proof.

This past weekend, two completely fabricated news stories were billed as truth. The first lie was President Trump advising counsel Cohen to perjure himself before Congress. In the second, the media launched an allout character assassination on a polite, smiling, Covington Catholic High School teenager from Kentucky. The once honorable profession of journalism is dead and beside a handful of outliers, you can believe nothing they say, write or broadcast. I may pen a weekly op-ed column, but I am not a journalist, I am a veterinarian. Trust me, I’m a doctor.

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