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Krayton Kerns
Thursday, June 6, 2019
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Ramblings of a Conservative Cow Doctor

President Trump is not a real Republican and here is why:

In the ‘90s, I purchased small groups of cow-calf pairs to restock my ranch. I mustered the cattle at a local feedlot before trucking them to Wyoming. A handful of city friends graciously offered to help me brand them and since we were only doing about 20 head at a time, what could possibly go wrong. I explained I would rope the calves and drag them out of the pen for the wrestlers to flip and restrain for branding. I high hocked the first calf, and from the saddle I tried to re-explain the rope/tail flipping procedure but neither the wrestlers nor the calf was listening. Instantly, the branding became a mugging with the eager cowboy temps chasing the calf over the branding pot. One set of skinny, yet experienced ranch kid wrestlers could have instantly flipped the calf to the ground. However, I was an army of one and could only calmly describe what they were doing wrong at the crazy end of my lariat. It was as frustrating as describing color to a blind person.

If you are ever invited to a branding, forget everything you have seen in westerns because movie producers know nothing about everything. Instead, study the old, quiet cowboy handling the irons—the one with nine good fingers and hide weathered by the sun. Analyze his movements and someday you might be half the hand he is, and here is how observation pertains to politics.

Politics is a blood sport. Unfortunately, many, if not most Republicans are so eager to compromise, we should change our GOP mascot from the charging elephant to the pansy. It is easier to draw and a much more descriptive term.

On the other hand, the Democrats never, ever compromise and like the old cowboy missing a finger, study them and you can learn political street fighting techniques. Even while in the minority and then after seizing control of the US House, the Democrats and their deep state operatives have effectively thrown a monkey wrench into the gears of government. The endless, trumped-up Russian collusion and obstruction of justice charges have bogged down the Trump administration and this brings me back to my first point.

President Trump is not a real Republican because he too is a streetfighter. He responds to every attack with a more vicious twitter attack and those afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome hate him for this. His relentlessness is the characteristic I find most endearing because I am so sick of seeing Republicans compromise away the values which made America great. You too?


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