Police request help providing educational materials to children

The Laurel Police Department is reaching out to the community for donations to develop a child safety and drug prevention education program, according to a letter sent to businesses by Chief Rick Musson.
“We’ve done this kind of program in the past,” Chief Musson said. “The material for this one is from the National Child Safety Council and is geared more towards children than adults.”
He said the department already has the means to reach children through the two School Resources Officers assigned to Laurel Schools.
“But we don’t have the money to do this on our own,” he said. The department will be providing child safety and drug prevention education material for children, including those in preschool and older children, as well as materials on bullying, identity theft, internet safety and safety for senior citizens, all issues that have negatively impacted Laurel residents in recent years.
“It’s good to remind folks of ways they can avoid crime,” Chief Musson said, “and the education for children may help protect them from danger and reinforce important safety lessons.”
The materials have been designed exclusively by the National Child Safety Council, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization, the Chief’s letter states.
“In order to help cover the cost of the materials, our office is turning to the concerned business, industrial, and professional leaders,” he wrote. “We are asking you to help by providing safety materials.” The cost for the materials is $3 per child; for 25 children the cost is $75, for 50 the cost is $150, and on up.
Donors will be acknowledged for their support by a listing of their name or business on the prestige page of all activity manuals under the heading, “Provided as a public service by people who care.”
There are several options available for making a donation.
• Donate online with a debit or credit card at http://donate.nationalchildsafetycouncil.org
(or scan the QR code at the bottom right of the letter and enter the program number mt-56-c:-3 when prompted);
• Call the Council with a debit or credit card toll free at 1-877-472-3377; or
• Make your check payable to the National Child Safety Council and mail to:
Chief Rick Musson
Laurel Police Department
P.O.Box 10
Laurel, MT 59044


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