Police Report - 8/23/18

In Stillwater County, dogs bite, chase and bark incessently
Thursday, August 23, 2018

Police Report

The following represent a portion of the calls responded to by officers from the Laurel Police Department. Unless otherwise indicated, all cases are considered under investigation. Anyone with information about these or other crimes is encour- aged to call the LPD at 628-8737.

August 8

• At 12:45 p.m. a non–injury traffic accident was reported on SE 4th Street. One citation was issued for careless driving.

August 10

• Kayla Jean Hammond, 22, of Park City was served a Lau- rel City Court warrant in the Yellowstone County Detention Facility.

• At 11:14 p.m. officers re- sponded to a report of a theft on the 900 block of Cottonwood Ave. The homeowner saw a person they knew leaving their house and discovered IDs, Social Security cards, birth certificates and narcotic pain medications missing. After an investigation, officers filed charges with the city attorney.

August 11

• At 1:53 a.m. an officer conducted a traffic stop near SE 4th St and discovered the driver was impaired. Erin Marr, 37, of Laurel was cited into city court for DUI and operating a vehicle with no valid drivers license.

• At 2:02 a.m. officers and medical responded to a family disturbance with injuries on the 900 block of 12th Ave. Michael Pine, 37, of Laurel was subsequently arrested for felony stran- gulation of a partner or family member and was transported to YCDF.

August 14

• At 8:48 a.m. officers received a report of a burglary on the 400 block of Cedar. As a homeowner was leaving for work they noticed the side door to their garage was opened. They discovered a snowblower, golf clubs and a bicycle were miss- ing. Officers reported no signs of forced entry. An investigation is ongoing.

• At 12:36 p.m. Justin Heath Potter, 39, of Laurel was arrested on a Laurel city warrant with a bond of $3,500.

• At 5:22 p.m. a theft from a vehicle in the ACE parking lot was reported. The victim had purchased a cat carrier minutes before and when they came back to their car discovered the car- rier was missing. The car was unlocked and there was no cat in the carrier. Officers are reviewing video surveillance and the investigation is ongoing.

August 16

• At 12:41 a.m. an officer conducted a traffic stop for equipment violations and detected an odor of alcohol on the driver. After failing field sobriety tests, Kristine Cloud, 31, of Laurel was cited for misdemeanor DUI into Laurel city court.

• At 2:41 a.m. a Laurel male, 34, was placed in emergency custody for a suicide attempt. He was transported to a local hospi- tal by LPD.

• At 6:15 p.m. a shoplifter was reported at Reece and Ray’s. An employee observed a 6 foot male steal items from the deli totaling $20. The suspect got in a black suburban and the employee was able to get a license plate num- ber. Officers are investigating possible suspects.

• At 6:19 p.m. a 20–year–old Laurel male was taken into emer- gency custody for an attempted suicide. He was transported to a hospital by Laurel ambulance.

August 17

• At 4:09 a.m. a vehicle theft was reported on Lackawana Lane. The vehicle was entered into NCIC as stolen. Approximately 40 minutes later, Billings PD located the vehicle at Shiloh Crossing. The vehicle had been involved in a hit-and-run crash and was found abandoned near the movie theatre. A witness observed a female driver leaving the scene. The incident is under investigation.

• At 8:29 a.m. a traffic accident was reported at West Railroad and South 8th Ave. A male had missed a turn and instead of turning around he began backing up, causing the accident. He was cited for obstructing traffic by going too slow and interfering with traffic for backing up.

• At 6:39 p.m. a 34–year–old Laurel male was placed into emergency custody for a suicide attempt. He was transported to a hospital by LPD.

Stillwater County

Sheriff’s Office

August 13

• At 3:38 p.m. a Park City call- er stated a male had threatened her in Laurel last summer and had spoken with a Yellowstone County Sheriff’s deputy who spoke with the male. She said there was not an active protection order, just that the male could not contact her. She stated at 2:30 p.m. the male came to her fence and said “You better watch out for your trees, I will kill them like you killed my grass.” She stated he had not watered his yard all summer and said the neighbors could attest to that. She asked to speak with a deputy as she said she was scared of him. A deputy was advised of the call.

August 14

• At 7:23 a.m. a caller at the Zip Trip stated a male crashed between two of the gas pumps. The caller believed the male was intoxicated. At 7:32 a.m. the caller advised the male was attempting to leave in the yellow car but didn’t think the vehicle was drivable. At 7:43 a.m. a deputy requested an ambulance. At 8:14 a.m. Hanser’s was con- tacted for a tow.

• At 4 p.m. Montana Highway Patrol advised of an abandoned vehicle on Pine Crest Road. The trooper said the original caller advised the vehicle had been there several days and appeared to be unoccupied. At 4:55 p.m. a deputy spoke to the registered owner who was upset the sher- iff’s office called. The owner said people park on the road all the time and didn’t know why they were contacted. The owner said someone would be picking the vehicle up.

• At 8:05 p.m. a caller re- ported a white semi hauling dirt through South Park City Road and Cemetery Road who didn’t seem to know what a stop sign was. They advised the semi was “blowing” through the stop signs and the caller wanted a deputy to “remind” the driver they needed to stop. At deputy was advised.

August 15

• At 4 p.m. a caller on 1st Ave.SW asked to make a complaint about an aggressive dog. He stated the dog tried to bite him on two occasions and was out everyday chasing anyone on a bicycle. He advised deputies had been out before about the dog. At 4:08 a deputy was advised.

• At 9:22 p.m. a caller on 2nd St. SE stated a male drove by and revved up his engine. The reporting party stated it had happened three times and he wanted to make a complaint before his anger got the best of him. At 9:38 p.m. a deputy spoke with the subject who advised he would not pull away from the stop sign so quickly.

August 16

• At 2:13 p.m. a caller reported a large grass fire near Rapelje. At 2:18 p.m. Rapelje, Columbus and Molt Fire departments were paged. At 2:26 p.m. dispatched was advised the fire was between Hoagland Road and Hines Ranch Road. One water truck was on scene and the fire was underneath a power pole. Fire personnel advised the fire was across the county line and there were plenty of resources on scene.

• At 7:21 p.m. Laurel dispatch requested an ambulance for a male who took about 30 pills and had been drinking. At 7:25 p.m. Laurel requested a cancel and advised they would transport the patient in a patrol car.

August 17

• At 11:32 a.m. a caller on South Park City Road reported her grandson was bitten by a dog while riding his bike. She stated she was at the dog owner’s home but no one would come out and speak with her. At 11:59 a.m. she advised she was taking the boy to the hospital. At 2:19 p.m. a deputy advised a blue heeler had bitten the boy on his shin. The dog owner stated they would provide vaccination records the following day.

• At 3:51 p.m. a caller on 1st Ave. SW stated there was dog locked in a vehicle for over five minutes. At 3:56 p.m. dispatch spoke with an employee of a tavern who stated there was no black vehicle in front of the busi- ness.

August 18

• At 10:55 a.m. a caller on Benedict Gulch Road reported an assault by her pending ex husband. She said they had an agreement that she would be able to get a vehicle and some personal items but when she showed up he began making threats and yelling. She said when she reached out to grab a photo he threw her up against the wall. When she began yell- ing for him to stop, her current boyfriend came around the corner and she was let go. She stated they left because they feared for their safety. She advised the pending ex husband always car- ried a loaded handgun. At 11:11 a.m. a deputy asked the reporting party be called back and transferred to his cell phone.

• At 11:18 a.m. a caller on Wildflower Circle advised his neighbor’s dog came into his shop and urinated on the floor. The caller advised they went to his neighbor’s house and spoke with a female about the situation without any problems. A few minutes later the neighbor came over and was angry and threat- ened the caller and his friend. The reporting party asked for a deputy to contact him.

August 19

• At 7:50 a.m. a caller on 3rd Ave. SW stated there was a dog across the street barking non– stop. She stated the neighbor wasn’t home and the garage door was open. She said she has called about the dog several times. At 8:18 a.m. a deputy advised no one was answering the door and the garage was open. At 1:27 p.m. a deputy advised the dog owner stated her dog only barks when someone walks by. The owner was given some options.



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