Police Report - 7/27/17

Dogs gone wild, pet owners pay
Outlook photo by Chris McConnell. Would-be rescue is wild goose chase. A Yellowstone County Sheriff’s deputy and members of the Laurel Fire Department talk to a female who reported a missing male at Buffalo Mirage fishing access site on Wednesday, July 19. A short time later it was discovered the man had floated around the bend and left the area while the woman was chasing her dog.

The following represents a portion of the calls responded to by officers from the Laurel Police Department. Unless otherwise indicated, all cases are considered under investigation. Anyone with information about these or other crimes is encouraged to call the LPD at 628-8737.

• On July 17, at 2:18 p.m., a theft was reported on the 600 block of Roundhouse. Tools were stolen. Police have suspect information but the case is ongoing.
• On July 17, at 7:41 p.m., officers were called to the 500 block of Date Ave. for a dog attack. A pit bull attacked a person, who was scared but uninjured. Leah Angel, 37, of Laurel, was cited for failure to license the dog, failure to obey the leash law and having a nuisance aggressive animal.
• On July 18, at 11:29 a.m., officers responded to a cold theft call at Walmart. Previously, a man had left the store without paying for an air conditioning unit and a tent. Dale King, 40, of Laurel, was cited for theft.
• On July 18, at 9:52 a.m., dispatch received a report of a dog attack. A man walking his dog on the south side walked by a yard with three boxers. One of the dogs broke through a fence to attack the dog on a leash. A bystander assisted while the leashed dog’s owner fought the boxer. The case is under investigation.
• On July 19, at 8:48 p.m., an unidentified person reported that someone was removing temporary tags from a green Honda parked behind Cedar Ridge Casino. Upon investigation, police discovered the car was stolen and the individual removing tags had a warrant. Matthew Schlecht, 32, of Billings, was arrested on two counts of theft, obstructing an officer and criminal possession of drug paraphernalia. As of press time, Schlecht was still being held at the Yellowstone County Detention Facility. He is also facing charges of felony bail jumping, felony contempt of court and felony probation violation.
• On July 21, at 8:07 p.m., a juvenile was arrested for violation of a temporary restraining order. The 17-year-old male from Laurel was taken to Youth Services.
• On July 23, a woman was cited for violation of an order of protection. Deborah Howson, 64, of Laurel will be required to appear in court.

Stillwater County
Sheriff’s Office
• On July 17, at 9:36 p.m, 911 dispatch received a call from a child who stated a man was creepy and scary and tried to shoot him in the butt, then the line was disconnected. All units were advised. At 9:41 p.m. the mother of the caller reported it was her sons making a prank call.
• At 9:27 a.m. on July 18, a Park City caller reported a man putting his property on her land. The caller requested advice on how to proceed. At 9:58 a.m., a deputy contacted the caller and told her it was a civil issue and gave her options on how to proceed.
• On July 19, at 4:20 p.m., a 911 caller reported she and her boyfriend were walking the trails at Buffalo Mirage fishing access site when their dog took off running. She ran after it and, when she returned, her boyfriend was gone. She last saw him standing near the edge of the river and she had searched for him for an hour and a half. At 4:26 p.m. Yellowstone County was advised and units were in route. At 4:28 Laurel fire units were in route. At 5:02 p.m. search and rescue 1 and 2 were on the river searching with one boat in the water and two more on the way. At 5:35 p.m. search and rescue was cleared from the scene. The father of the missing 23-year-old male had located his son. He had floated down the river then left the scene. A Yellowstone County deputy went to the residence to talk to the man.
• On July 20, at 8:46 a.m., Montana Highway Patrol reported a caller made a complaint of a black SUV driven by a man wearing glasses cutting people off, tailgating and swerving on Interstate 90. The reporting party called back and stated the vehicle took the Laurel exit heading to Park City and was driving over 90 miles per hour. At 9:05 a.m. a deputy was unable to locate the vehicle.
• At 11:40 p.m. on July 22, a man self-reported he hit a moose with his horse trailer on Highway 10. He had to take his colic horse to the vet so he didn’t stop. At 7:23 a.m. the moose was located one quarter mile east of Special K Ranch and was still alive. Fish and Game was notified and at 8:38 a.m. a conservation officer had dispatched the moose.
• On July 23, at 2:29 p.m., a Park City caller reported his air compressor, hose and a nail gun were stolen the previous evening. The estimated value was over $650.
• At 5:40 p.m. on July 23, a 911 caller on Highway 10 reported two suspicious vehicles parked by his home. He stated that a truck was by the vehicles and was now gone, but the two vacant cars remain. At 6:48 p.m. the caller reported another vehicle is on scene and he thought they were teenagers floating down the irrigation ditch. At 7:08 p.m. a deputy reported the vehicles were gone and advised the caller that 911 is for emergencies only.
• On July 23, at 6:46 p.m., a caller from Columbus reported a man in the median cutting the horns off of a dead deer. Fish and Game advised horns cannot be removed without taking the whole deer and getting a salvage permit. A deputy reported the subject was gone upon arrival.


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