Pipefitters, farmers vote like socialist pansies

Krayton Kerns
Thursday, January 17, 2019
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Ramblings of a Conservative Cow Doctor

Composing a weekly op-ed is exhausting and I began these ramblings in 2006 during my first run for public office. I patterned my analogies after unique life experiences but today, 662 columns later, my tank of stories is draining faster than it is filling. My children are grown, I sold my cows and cattle drive business and I termed out of the Montana Legislature, so new subject material comes mostly from interesting happenings at my veterinary clinic. When I am facing writer’s block and all else fails, I scour national outlets for interesting stories which might prompt my next point. Drudge delivered today’s topic on January 8th.

This week’s column targets two groups: First, loyal union members who pride themselves on hard work, rugged individualism, gun ownership and their ability to thrive in field and forest. You know who you are. Second are independent food producers who leverage everything to roll out of bed early each morning to raise cattle, hogs, corn and wheat. You know who you are. These two groups are a powerful voting block and readers not in either of these categories can skip to the classifieds. However, if you are a pipefitting corn farmer, you best sit down because today’s data might make you slightly uncomfortable. Here we go.

A recent Brunel University London study of 171, 18-to 40-year-old men, replicated the results of a 2013 Aarhus University study showing physically weaker men more likely believe in socialist policies. (Don’t kill me, I am only the messenger.) Additionally, their data also showed stronger men reject redistribution of wealth and do so whether they are rich or poor. This is why ruling class elitists target toxic masculinity as a greater national threat than terrorism. The fruit of their labor is man-bun clad, skinny jean wearing millennials playing video games in their parent’s basement and this brings me to my point.

Pipefitters and corn farmers are an enigma because I know strong men in each category. However, their voting pattern mimics sissified snowflakes in saferooms rather than rugged providers with calloused hands wearing Carharts. So, Bob, my retired teacher/cattle rancher friend, answer me this: Why do you let your union allegiance, or the safety net of a government regulated economy coerce you into voting in a manner contrary to what you believe, how you live and how you raised your children? Why vote like a socialist pansy when you are not?

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