Persistence in the face of adversity

Thursday, August 16, 2018
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Ramblings of a Conservative Cow Doctor

I save my most labor-intensive projects for the hottest days of the year. It’s a gift. My August task was to insert a water line 60 feet through an earthen dam, so I can install a frost-proof stock tank for my horses. A wise cowboy would have placed the pipe 15 years ago when he created a reservoir by extending his runway across a draw, but such foresight escaped me back then. The dike is mostly clay, so I planned to snake a high-pressure line through 60 feet of PVC pipe and use a 3000-psi water jet to chew my way through the dirt. It appeared doable. There are companies with drilling equipment who could easily punch through my dam in under an hour, but the country kid in me wanted to try this first. Someday, I will ignore that son-of-a-gun and my life will then become all lollipops and sugar plums.

My first drilling attempt was fraught with numerous design failures, all of which I overcame with sweat equity and American ingenuity. About 30 feet into the project, my high-pressure nozzle popped free from my pipe and after an hour of fruitless struggle I solicited my trophy wife’s help. Proverbs 31:16 states “She considers a field and buys it…” which loosely translated means the wife must always help her husband retrieve his lost nozzle. Ranch wives totally understand this interpretation because most have lived it. My 39 years of marriage has also taught me to either be pleasant or I will remain an army of one, so I adopted the persona of a Mr. Rogers wearing a cowboy hat. As an army of two, we freed the nozzle, and this brings me to my point.

It is persistence in the face of adversity which determines success. In today’s hot political battle between free-market capitalism and oppressive socialism, patriots must persist to make America great again. The task is not easy, only worth it. Freedom’s adversaries who have bought the lie government can control climate by raising taxes and banning plastic straws will never be convinced by scientific fact. Ignore them. These same indoctrinated robots believe a nation can become wealthy by stealing money from taxpayers to give to tax consumers—less a small administrative fee for the ruling class. Ignore them too. Patriots should focus their efforts on friends and acquaintances possessing a mind still open to truth. They may be few, but the few could determine who wins the mid-term elections.

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