Peace in the midst of the storm; tuning out electronics

Guest Commentary
Rosalyn Doucette
Guest Commentary

Ahhh, who doesn’t love being at peace, living without fear in the atmosphere of chaos? Many of us feel so overwhelmed with worries because we live in a time of extraordinary upheaval in every area of our lives. Political beliefs are in a frothy lather. Cameras are popping up all around us, and though we know our every move is being tracked we feel helpless to do anything about it, though deep inside it is unsettling.
Mainstream media no longer whispers from shadows. Headlines scream what to look at, how to think, and who our enemies are. I boldly say this is a calculated effort by the elite to control our precious right to decide for ourselves. Though we do not hide in our houses due to gun fire in the streets, (yet), we’re force fed traumas via internet, television and other electronic devices that keep us in a constant state of shell shock similar to what our ancestors must have felt during the civil war. How dare I make such a statement? Because we ARE involved in a real battle. We ARE in a war. And our stealthy enemy is none other than our addiction to technology.
It screeches from every side. Cell phones, i-pads, computers and the like demand constant replies, with total disregard for our daily tasks. We are in overdrive most of the time. No wonder we are so tired.
This assault on our private lives especially affects our children. A statistic has recently revealed that due to the electronic demands on children ages 7 – 14, they live with the stress of a 45-year-old. Kids are bombarded with more waves of information than they need faster than they can comprehend. Yes, children snarl that “they are busy,” when asked for help with chores. Well, it’s true. They are busy; silently they are juggling dozens of things at the same time due to the hypnotic allure of their devices. They don’t even know how stressed out they are, so we should not be surprised when we ask the smallest things of them and they are snappy and irritable. They have several full-blown conversations going on at the same time via text, and feel eerily compelled to finish each one before dropping exhausted into bed, where even there the texts continue far into the night. This is unhealthy, sad, and must be seriously considered when we think about how to bring more peace into our stormy lives.
One venue that seems to help keep things easier in my home may be a surprise due to its sheer simplicity. It is this: Turn off the devices, regularly each day.
In my opinion, I see benefit in leaving cell phones at home once in awhile. Kids don’t have to be entertained every minute, and neither do we. Have the kids turn in their cell phones when it’s time for homework, chores and bedtime. Put a limit on this sea monster while it still can be mastered. Take some time to walk or stretch during the day. Read a good book. Yes, turn off the toys at least an hour before bed. The world will not end, and we need time to unwind, think and talk to one another.
I hope these ideas help restore a feeling of calm and ease. If anyone would like to discuss these things further, I offer my heart to you and you may email me at the address below. I am willing to listen. Maybe we can brainstorm and find some more ways to promote peace and harmony in the home and put the devices in the cargo hold of life’s ship once in a while.

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