Patsy Lee Berezay Storey

February 3, 1949—January 19, 2017

Patsy Lee Berezay was born in Cardston, Alberta, Canada, to Lloyd Colin Berezay and Grace Crooks Berezay on February 3, 1949. She was raised on her father’s sheep and cattle ranch that was located just south of the Canadian border and north of Cut Bank, Montana. Their home faced Chief Mountain, a very prominent landmark that is sacred to the local Native Americans. Patsy had an older sister, Shirley, and younger brother, Donnie. The three of them worked and played on the ranch and learned the importance of work very early on. Patsy remembered bottle feeding bum lambs whose mothers could not feed them. At times she was feeding three or four lambs simultaneously which was quite a challenge indeed. Patsy and her siblings attended a small country school, Croff-Wren, which was just a few miles south of the Canadian border. This one teacher school provided education from 1st thru 8th grades with only a few students in each grade.
When she was 13, Patsy’s mother died from Multiple Sclerosis. An uncle died that same week. It was a very challenging time of adjustment for the young Patsy. The wife of her dad’s partner stepped in to help raise Lloyd’s children until he was able to marry a second time. This new wife brought four additional children into the family and Patsy felt lost.
After graduating from the 8th grade, Patsy was able to move to Missoula, Montana, and lived with Uncle Vern and Aunt Irene Berezay and their four children. A cousin, Donna, was one year older than Patsy and the two of them became very close lifelong friends. The first day of school as a freshman at Hellcat High School was quite a culture shock for Patsy. She had just graduated as an 8th grader in a class of three and her freshman class in Missoula was over one thousand. She was able to make the adjustment and worked part-time to partially pay for her room and board. After her graduation from high school, Patsy attended one year of school at Rick’s College in Rexberg, Idaho. Realizing that a college degree did not interest her, Patsy served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Central Texas Mission.
After her mission, Patsy lived in Bozeman with her cousin, Donna, who had married and was raising a family. Patsy worked at Montana State University food services during this time. Deciding to expand her horizons, she moved to Provo, Utah, where she worked for Baileys, a company that manufactured athletic shorts for various brands such as Nike and J.C. Penney. Eventually, her cousin asked if she would manage a phone answering service in Butte. Back to Montana she came and assumed her new duties. A few months after this move she was invited by her dad and step-mom to come to Çut Bank and meet a new member of the Church, Russel Storey. Rather unwillingly, she came to Cut Bank to see Russ but wasn’t impressed. Undaunted, her step-mom invited both of them for Thanksgiving. There weren’t any sparks to speak of but three months later, many telephone calls and numerous letters were exchanged and Russ proposed to Patsy. They were married and sealed on May 2, 1982, in the Cranston, Alberta, Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
In 1985, the happily married couple adopted three children. They were James, 3 1/2 years old, Donna, 21 months, and three-month old Patricia Ann also known as Patti. In 1987, after 18 years with Browning Public Schools, Russ became a partner and manager of Ben Franklin store in Browning and in 1991, with nothing better to do, acquired Western Motel. Patsy was not only raising three children but also managed and cleaned the motel.
In 1996, the family relocated to Great Falls, Montana, in order that the children could receive the services they required. Three years later the family made their final move to Laurel, Montana. Patsy became a personal care attendant, providing help for elderly people who could not take care of themselves. Patsy’s love and compassion for people made her an ideal person for this position.
A major surgery in February 2016 began a series of complications that resulted in Patsy being hospitalized shortly after Thanksgiving. She did not recover despite a valiant effort to do so and she passed from mortal existence on January 19th, 2017. She is survived by her dad and step-Mom, Lloyd and Lorraine; sister Shirley; step brothers and sisters, Robert, Mitchell, Monte, Patti, Michael, Diana, Dave and Todd; husband, Russ; children, James, Donna and Patti; foster children; and three grandchildren, Athena, Aidian and Matthew. Patsy’s warm and loving spirit will be sorely missed and we look forward to that day of happy reunion in the future.


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